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Help - it's going to be raining and we need something to do in Telford with toddlers

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snickersnack Fri 08-Aug-08 19:46:26

We've got a stopover in Telford tomorrow en route to visit elderly relatives. I think it's going to pour with rain. We need some way of occupying a few hours and letting them burn off some excess energy after being in the car for hours - any advice would be very very welcome, bearing in mind the forecast is horrible.

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CJMommy Fri 08-Aug-08 23:45:44

There is a place called Jungle Land (Used to be called Roaries) in Trench, Telford. (On Trench Lock Island. They probably have a website) It's a big indoor play area - very good and not expensive.

If weather is good, take them to Telford Town Park. (Just follow signs for town centre and then town park). Huge amount of play equipment for all ages, nice walks, toilets, refreshments etc and parking not hugely expensive. There is also an ice rink and bowling alley next to the town park.

snickersnack Mon 11-Aug-08 09:22:36

Thank you for that! It was perfect - just what we needed. The dcs had a whale of a time and crashed out at 7pm when we put them to bed.

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