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Anyone been to RAND FARM Lincs? Im off tomorrow

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mumma2cjh Thu 07-Aug-08 16:33:17

we are going tomorrow and wondered what the best and bad bits were?

ladymariner Thu 07-Aug-08 16:48:12

Haven't been for about 4years now as ds getting a bit past that, but it always used to be a really great day out. It's lovely for the dcs to get close to see all the animals properly, and at certain times they can feed the lambs/calves whatever, and hold the rabbits and guinea-pigs. There were also toy tractors and diggers they could ride on whilst you sat and watched, and a brilliant outdoor play area with a big trampoline and swings and stuff.

Twistle Fri 08-Aug-08 03:59:00

We go a couple of times a month (season ticket very good value). No bad bits - well, if there's coaches in it can be bedlam in the playbarn on a wet day. But all good. Kids love the tractor ride. Enjoy!

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