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Afternoon out near Leyburn?

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Apart from Forbidden Corner...

We're stopping at Leyburn overnight to break up journey to Northumberland. Will probably get there about lunch time. So what is there to do for an afternoon, have 7yo dd.


tangarine Thu 31-Jul-08 00:02:40

Middleton Castle?

Aysgarth Falls (may be too far in the wrong direction)?

tangarine Thu 31-Jul-08 00:03:14

Or do I mean Middleham Castle?

Thanks. Middleham castle looks good.

tangarine Thu 31-Jul-08 21:12:41

The Castle is OK for a potter.  There's a nice hotel/brasserie in the market square called either the Black Swan or the White Swan in Middleham which is nice and reasonably priced for a bite to eat (and when we went, very child-friendly).  Not to be confused with the pub on the other side of the Market Place which is also either the White Swan or the Black Swan grin.Middleham is very horsey, so if your dd likes horses you could also just have a wander around the village, you are bound to see some out for an exercise.

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