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Would someone like to come and talk to me about the Bluebell Railway, in Sussex?

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theSuburbanDryad Fri 25-Jul-08 23:40:53

Dh has to be in East Grinstead tomorrow, and so me and ds will be at a loose end. We were thinking of going into Brighton but I don't fancy driving and the train looks to be a bit of a nightmare. I was thinking of taking ds to the Bluebell Railway, but looking at the website I have a few questions for anyone who's been there:

Will ds at 19 months be too little for it?

Are the trains buggy friendly or will it just be a massive hassle?

Is there anywhere reasonably priced to get some lunch or is it just the buffet car?

TIA smile

theSuburbanDryad Sat 26-Jul-08 08:16:48

Bumping for the morning crowd! smile

2shoes Sat 26-Jul-08 08:43:23

I have only been on the one that runs from sheffield park. should imagine they are all the same. the one we have been on was lovely. the staff are all volonteers and very helpful. where else would you be able to take a group of wheelchirs out.
have a look here it describes the disabled access, but as they have a ramp or lift getting a buggy on should be easy.

Sparkletastic Sat 26-Jul-08 08:49:22

Just down the road from me grin. It is quite pricey and may well be lost on your DS at his age - depends how into trains he is really! That said it is a lovely train ride and the staff are very helpful. There is a licensed caff that does proper food at the Sheffield Park station. Heaven Farm is really nearby - has a great tea shop, beautiful walk and farm animals OR Sheffield Park - National Trust gardens - beyooootiful. Near that is a place called Trading Boundaries which is a great cafe / restaurant with chi-chi little shops and a small playground but plenty of space for running about. Will DH be driving you as you'll be a bit stuffed getting anywhere otherwise?

theSuburbanDryad Sat 26-Jul-08 08:52:18

I'm driving him - dropping him off at East Grinstead station then me and ds going off to do our own thing!

Sparkletastic Sat 26-Jul-08 08:59:46

Ah world's your oyster then TSD - all these places are within a stone's throw of one-another on one stretch of road so you can always do a recce before deciding where to stop. My faves are Trading Boundaries for lushy luncheon and Heaven Farm for animals / walk / cuppa tea - but that's probably because I have DDs not a DS!!

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