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Which is less busy during the school hols at Legoland-week day or weekend?????

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MilaMae Wed 23-Jul-08 22:26:24

Or is it just generally heaving at both?????

nannynick Sun 27-Jul-08 17:09:13

I went on Sunday 29 June - I don't often go at weekends - and it was really busy. Took SN child, and we had to queue for around 20 minutes for rides even with disabled exitpass.

Went Tuesday and Friday of this past week, while it was quite busy, it was certainly no way near as busy on Sun 29th June.

So based on that, I would say that weekdays are less busy than weekends. But I suspect it may be luck of the draw. For example Fri 25 July I felt was quieter than Tue 22 July.

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