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13 yo and 3yo day out in London.... what would you do?

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Maenad Mon 21-Jul-08 19:44:11

My 3.7yo DD and I will be spending the day in London with a friend and her 13yo DD. What do 13yo girls like to do?? I can't remember the last time I spent any time with someone that age. And is there something both kids would enjoy? Any inspiration... please?

Yummymum1 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:48:31

Maybe the Aquarium? There is a small rock pool bit and a bit where you can stroke the rays.
I love it there.It might appeal to both of them?
I have 2 boys and they love the science museum as there is a lot of hands on stuff and a water play place for the under 5s.
However as they are girls they may not be so keen.

Maenad Mon 21-Jul-08 19:53:28

thanks yummymum. I know my dd would enjoy both but no ideas about a 13yo. I'm nervous in case we do something she thinks is incredibly boring and uncool or something. She's not from London so it would be great if she was able to have a really exciting day out. I haven't been to the science museum for years - is it 13yo-friendly?

Ooh, just had a thought... maybe if the weather is nice Camden market would be fun?

Maenad Tue 22-Jul-08 10:28:40

any other ideas?

batters Tue 22-Jul-08 10:42:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yummymum1 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:44:58

The science museum has a launch pad which is really hands on but poss really appeals to boys.

We are off to London next week for a few days and i had thought if the weather is good maybe a picnic in Hyde park and then hire rowing boats on the Serpentine. That may be good for both.
Camden Market is cool but very busy.Used to go there alot back in my student days....

Yummymum1 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:46:14

Just had a thought,we will probably go to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill where there are loads of activities and it is free!!

Maenad Tue 22-Jul-08 10:47:37

thanks v much for all ideas!

jellyhead Tue 22-Jul-08 10:55:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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