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Marwell Zoo, have you been?

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pinkdiamond Sun 06-Feb-05 21:23:31

Message withdrawn

bluesky Sun 06-Feb-05 21:33:29

It's brilliant.

Take the buggy there are big wide paths, there is a playground, so much to see, definitely loads of space for a picnic in the summer.

You see the penguins first and then wander up the hill to the giraffe house.

There is a land train which costs a little bit extra.

Lions are always asleep when we go.

We have been going for years as relatives live nearby. Really Really good.

If rainy, there is the rainforest house to run into, lovely and warm. I really like the snow leaopards. Enjoy!

pinkdiamond Sun 06-Feb-05 21:38:44

Message withdrawn

hatsoff Sun 06-Feb-05 21:55:47

We've been too - definitely a fab day out. The lay out is good, lots of space and play areas and you can get on a little train to get from one bit to the next - don;t think it was extra when we went nearly 2 years ago.

starsailor Sun 06-Feb-05 22:02:16

Agree with bluesky, you'll need the buggy as it's a long way round the whole thing.

There's loads to see, best to get the guide book so you know what's where. Make sure you go to see the three baby tigers that were born late last year.

Have fun!

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