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pamper/spa day recommendations in the south

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DelGirl Sun 06-Feb-05 08:26:41

A couple of friends want to have a pamper/spa day out somewhere within maybe an hour from Bournemouth. Can anyone recommend anywhere that doesn't cost much more than £100 per person and is not too pretentious, if that's possible.

Ta very much.

I've got mine sorted, they gave me £90 worth of treatments for my birthday yesterday which I'm going to have before and after the baby comes but it doesn't really offer the whole package that they want but it's great for me because it's 10 minutes away and i've been there twice before.

SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 09:27:27

Hi Delgirl. How are you? Happy birthday for yesterday. Unfortunately can't help on the pampering - don't get to have these unfortunately . Where are you going for yours then?

seb1 Sun 06-Feb-05 09:34:59

Saw this in a holiday brouchure


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