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Grand Prix collection at Donington

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nappybrain Wed 09-Jul-08 11:10:52

Has anyone been to this and would they recommend it as a day trip with the dss (4 and 6) - is there much to look at it?? TIA

n5rje Wed 09-Jul-08 12:00:24

Yes, we've been - I took DSs 9/7/5 and they really enjoyed it. Don't be deceived when you go in, the place is huge and one room leads to another and there are literally 100s of cars/bikes and pieces of racing memorabila and loads of model cars in display cases. You can't get into any of the cars but you can touch them. There is a lot of information about each car but it was too much to read for my boys. We went a couple of months ago and the cafe wasn't open as it was the beginning of the season so you might want to check if it is now. I think we would have enjoyed it even more if we could have had a break and a drink and then gone round for a second look. The only thing I would say is that we live really near the museum and if you were travelling any distance I don't think you could make it last a whole day althought there are lots of other places nearby you could combine it with

nappybrain Wed 09-Jul-08 17:45:30

thanks n5rje that's really helpful. DH is very keen to go. is there anything else that you'd recommend nearby to do with it? we would probably come and stay over night and do the grand prix thing on one of the days but it would be great to have some other ideas. if definitely sounds like boy heaven - I think the coffee shop and a magazine for me sounds like a top idea!!

n5rje Wed 09-Jul-08 19:44:26

I can't recommend Twin Lakes highly enough - there is more than you can do in a day and it doesn't matter if its wet as there is loads to do inside. Once you've paid to go in everything else is free. The food is a bit better than you normally get at this sort of place (you can take a picnic) and its not too expensive. All the rides etc go by height so you may need an adult to go on as well. I'd recommend going as soon as it opens as it does get quite busy then you can do the rides first and spend the rest of the time at the things you don't need to queue for.

You'll see the £50 ticket offer on the website and if you have time to do any of the other three things it will save loads. The other attractions are all good as well.

Space Centre - a must for anyone interested in space, exhibits and interactive stuff. I think the tower is really interesting.

Conkers - excellent (mostly) outdoors and the playground is really good and all boys like the train ride. I think the food here is dear but again there is plently of room for picnics. The indoor area is small but its good - my boys love the dark slide (you can go on as well) and the indoor play area.

Snibston - this is possibly better for a bit older children but again there's interactive stuff and a short train ride (a real train). This is mostly science related but there was (when I last went) a really good fashion exhibition which I think is a permanent one.

Actually we will be going to all these places ourselves over the summer break - the East Midlands is pretty well served for childrens activities.

I hope this is the sort of thing you were thinking of - if you'd like recommendations for any other sorts of places (National Trust/parks etc) just say

nappybrain Fri 11-Jul-08 13:36:42

Thanks so much N5rje that is really useful. I think we will definitely spend at least one night doing Donington and some of the other things perhaps Conkers (if it's dry !) and Snibston.

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