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London and an 18 month old! Help!

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VicMac Wed 25-Jun-08 22:52:24

My 18 month old daughter and I are coming to London to surprise my husband for his birthday since he'll be there working. We arrive at 2ish into Paddington and have until 6pm to waste. Is there anywhere nearby that I can let my daughter out of her pram? Soft-play? Swimming pool? Child friendly cafe? I need to be back in Paddington at 6ish but can travel anywhere.

lilyfire Wed 25-Jun-08 23:00:56

If the weather's nice, the Princess Diana Memorial playground in Kensington Gardens is lovely. lots of sand, gently trickling water, musical thingies and a pirate ship. If weather not good - the basement at Science Museum 'The Garden' - big water play thing my toddler loves and mirrors, building blocks, things to bash, just loads of toddler friendly stuff.
Have fun

hester Wed 25-Jun-08 23:04:42

lilyfire is spot on. You could also go to Holland Park (three stops on circle/district line from Paddington to High Street Kensington). It has two children's playgrounds (one for littlies), a child-friendly cafe, peacocks, a Japanese garden, and some good art installations (giant tortoises to climb on, a little glass house that the toddlers all love).

Then, when dd naps, you could go for a wander through the shops on Kensington High Street/take yourself off for a coffee.

VicMac Wed 25-Jun-08 23:10:35

Thank you! They both sound fab.

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 12:16:56

take her to the rainforest cafe!! its a toy-filled cafe, famous too!

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