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The Wiggles

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OonaghBhuna Sun 22-Jun-08 21:48:48

My DH and I took DD1 and Dd2 to see The Wiggles in Dublin yesterday. It was the start of their Irish and UK tour. It was great , the kids loved it. The singing dancing and choregraphy was so good. It was such good fun. Basically you are in for a treat if you have a ticket! I love them!!!

LIZS Mon 23-Jun-08 20:14:30

envy my kids are too old to coerce into going.

mogwai Fri 27-Jun-08 19:52:37

Sigh. I saw them in Sydney in December.

Now sitting here in the miserable British summer replaying it in my mind.

I love Anthony.

PortAndLemon Fri 27-Jun-08 19:53:30

We're seeing them in a couple of weeks -- it's become a regular date on our summer calendar...

smoggie Fri 27-Jun-08 20:03:03

Oh, I do miss the Wiggles. We went two years running with ds1 and did the whole T-shirt, guitar, endless back to back DVDs etc etc.
I can't seem to get ds2 interested, he just won't watch them. I'm gutted.
They were fantastic in Newcastle - ds1 had a Murray top on and a small guitar and his face when Murray came down the aisle and chatted to him, is something I will NEVER forget.

OonaghBhuna Mon 30-Jun-08 14:55:04

i love Anthony too

geekgirl Mon 30-Jun-08 14:59:20

I heart the Wiggles, too

We got to meet them backstage a couple of years ago after I'd emailed the production team and told that dd2 (who has SN) is a big fan They were lovely. I was all starstruck grin

Kimmy1080 Mon 21-Jul-08 22:36:25

Me too - I love anthony. We went to see them last year and I was the only one in the whole of Birmingham NEC to get a handshake off of him - I was smitten smile

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