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Cornwall in the rain

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ThingOne Thu 19-Jun-08 20:11:17

Heading off to Cornwall for a long weekend tomorrow but 'tis forecast to piss down tomorrow and Saturday.

DSs 2 and 4. Staying in Roseland pennisula courtesy of a mumsnet recommendation. Better be good wink.

Had been planning Eden Project on the way down, Maritime Museum and beach one day, and general messing around rest of time. Maritime Museum works in rain but rest of it not so good.

Any suggestions?

cheesesarnie Thu 19-Jun-08 21:39:25

newquay sealife aquirium,flambards(mostly indoors),ummmmmm cant think.

snorkle Thu 19-Jun-08 22:54:25

go down a tin mine?

serin Fri 20-Jun-08 21:46:43

Bens playworld at St Austell is okay if raining, it has its own website but I'm useless at links.

cheesesarnie Fri 20-Jun-08 21:49:53

bens playworls is full of spotty teenagers who seem to have no interest in anything except how long till there shift ends.(sorry every time weve been its not been fab)

Milkycheeks Fri 20-Jun-08 22:07:31

Seal Sanctuary at Gweek? It is mainly outdoors but it's one ot those places where the weather doesn't really matter, & the seals are really cute

Ships & Castles water park in Falmouth?

harpomarx Fri 20-Jun-08 22:11:44

nooo, not the Seal Sanctuary, Milkycheeks!

went there a few months ago and it pissed down and it was grim. And really expensive.

spudmasher Fri 20-Jun-08 22:12:19

Tate St Ives has fantastic arty bits and bobs for children which work well with very little ones- high brow cutting and sticking.
Can I also recommend swimming in the sea in the rain?

DO NOT go to Land's End.

NannyDonna Sat 21-Jun-08 16:50:48

We are going to Cornwall in july,could you tell me why you said not to go to Lands End please.

BigBadMouse Sat 21-Jun-08 16:58:28

nannyDonna There is nothing there apart from a very tacky theme park and it is very expensive - you'll al be bored in minutes (oh yes..and it takes an age to get there)

Thingone - probbaly too late but if not then there is always the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth if you are passing.

MuffinMclay Sat 21-Jun-08 17:00:35

Land's End is tourist tat central IMO.

We were in Cornwall recently for a week, and it rained for much of it.

Maritime Museum, Eden Project, Goonhilly Earth Station, were great places for rainy days out. Tin Mine was a disaster for us - not toddler friendly at all.

Obviously too late for the OP, but might help someone else.

cheesesarnie Mon 23-Jun-08 11:07:34

agree lands end is rubbish.forgot maratime mueseum tis good,usually have activitys and fundays for the children.

ThingOne Sun 29-Jun-08 21:57:28

Didn't get a chance to come back and say thanks. Did Plymouth Aquarium on way down, maritime museum in the rain and Eden/beach/messing around when it didn't rain.

Agree Goonhilly good and has now been revamped. I remember something annoying about seal sanctuary from two years ago but forget what.

jaype Tue 05-Aug-08 17:59:34

Ben's Playworld - argh, could the food get any lardier? Even my hotdog was deep fried and by the time I arrives at 11.30 all the baked potatoes (only vaguely healthy option there) had gone - if they ever existed. It was over-packed and I really resented having to pay 50p for all the galleries / millions of machines inside. Ships and Castles looks good but for another three years I'll never know as they won't let you in if you have an under 5 and an over 5 (unlike any other local pools) and can only go on your own. Grr. Sorry - local attractions driving me demented at the moment!

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 18:01:53

just back from a 10 days in Cornwall in the rain.

the trouble is all the sites and attractions are croweded.

Beetroot Tue 05-Aug-08 18:02:10

lands end dr who and farm is great

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