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Days Out around Birmingham/West Midlands, especially in this cold & windy weather??

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etcetera Sat 22-Jan-05 15:57:39

My DH and I really don't know where to go or what to do now. We only have his kids once a week but past few weeks we are only in the house and start to get bored now. Want to go somewhere or do something. We did go swimming in local swimmung pool sometimes 'til their mum is playing up by not let them take swimming stuff with them. We are going to buy new set of swimming stuff for them but in the mean time -- is there any idea where else can we go? What else can we do?

By the way ... They are DS 8 and DD 9 years old. We have been to ...
1. Cadbury World. It is fine but don't think it's worth 2nd visit.
2. Think Tank & IMAX. Too expensive for what they offer. especially many things are not working.
3. Safari Park. Kids really love to go there but it is not open yet.
4. Sea Life. DD has already been there with her brownies or something and they do not very keen on it anyway.

Thinking about walking round Victoria square but it's too cold. Drayton Manor or Alton Tower are still not open.

Actually we do not want anything or anywhere fancy or expensive, they are active kids and like sports and climbing thing. Usually they would love to go to the park or some nice pub that has children play area --- but it is too cold now. They get bored with playstation!

sassy Sat 22-Jan-05 19:48:39

How about the snowdome at Tamworth - really get into the fact that it is winter and go sledging, snowballing etc. Don't know what sort of price it is though.
Are they big enough for go-karting? Big place at West Brom (can see it from M6)
Ice skating at PLanet Ice? 10 pin bowling? There must be climbing walls in some of the leisure centres too - the nearest one to me is in stourbridge but I don't know where you are so this may not be any use to you.

candycane Sat 22-Jan-05 20:31:55

It might be worth having a look at Ackers Trust on the web and at The Rock Face - both of these offer sporty type things and are close to Birmingham City Centre. Cinema? A Series Of Unfortunate Events is good! Wrap up warm and go for a walk up the Lickey Hills? Do they like museums? The Museum and Art Gallery is a nice way of spending an hour or so for free. The Nature Centre in Cannon Hill Park is nice. Theatre? The Jungle Book is on at the moment at the Old Rep - hope something here might appeal!

spykid Sat 22-Jan-05 20:58:39

How far out of brum can you venture?
Telford town park is great. (if wrapped up warm!)
Lots of things to do, great play ares for kids, climbing,sand for digging, rope swings etc. Picnic areas...too cold i know.
Wonderland, but perhaps too young for them. Ice rink next door , and not far from a cinema and dry ski slopes, a day out to telford yay!

spykid Sat 22-Jan-05 21:01:31

Forgot to say, a fab primark in telford shopping centre for when the kiddies are having a macdonalds and you can nip off for a few minutes

spykid Sat 22-Jan-05 21:04:04

Just another thought, on a role, must be the red wine!
Laser Quest in Stourbridge, not been , my ds's are too young, but have heard its great.

JulieF Sat 22-Jan-05 22:11:45

Walsall Art Gallery (don't laugh its supposed to be really good) . Check first though what exhibitions are on. Sometimes they gear it towards children.

etcetera Sun 23-Jan-05 12:05:39

Ahhh -- Thanks for all lovely ideas. Many places we haven't heard about. They've already been to see 'Jungle Book' (with their Brownies thing again!?). Me and my DH can't ice skating . I love museum myself, was walking around Birmingham Museum nearly every week when I lived close to cite centre but we've move away a bit now, will keep Walsall in mind. The kids are not really keen on walking cz that's what they do with their mom and have to pretend to love it (or that is what they told us anyway).

I was thinking about bowling as well, I like it but DH doesn't. We are difficult family, aren't we? Like snowdome and laser quest ideas but need to check the price. Will look where the rock face is. and may be when it get warmer, we can go to telford so I can go shopping . Anyway, as I said, thanks again for lots of idea. I am going to look them up now.


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