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Earl Court Dr Who exhibition, ANY ONE BEEN??

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worley Wed 28-May-08 15:04:33

i was thinking of taking my 9 year old ds to see the dr who exhibition at earls court on friday, has anyone been and what did you and think?

also, looking on the earls court site, it says to book online, has anyone done this or can you just turn up at different times and buy tickets straight from the reception?

thanks in advance (hopefully!!)

RubyRioja Wed 28-May-08 15:06:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worley Wed 28-May-08 17:26:23

we are going down on the train, a 3hr journey to get there in total!

TinkerbellesMum Wed 28-May-08 18:36:22

Thanks for posting about it! We're taking the DSS's as a surprise for Father's Day!

LIZS Wed 28-May-08 18:50:03

anyone know how much longer it 's on for ?

Fauve Wed 28-May-08 18:50:17

Ooh, feedback please! What's it like? I had no idea it was on till I saw this thread. My kids are 10 and 14 but the 10-year-old is keen to go from the website - she's worried I'll be scared though grin

worley Thu 29-May-08 09:24:08

were going tomorrow so will report back,
i've been told that we cant get the train into london liverpool street as there is a problem with a bridge or something, so we have to get off at stratford and go the rest by tube, any one know how far away this is?
im in north suffolk, so dont really know the stations and distances

Fauve Thu 29-May-08 16:10:47

I don't know anything about the bridge, but going into London by tube will be quick and painless. Stratford isn't very far out.

worley Thu 29-May-08 22:22:42

anyone turned up and brought tickets on the door?
im too late to reserve for tomorrow online now sadi hope they have some tomorrow

rosealbie Thu 29-May-08 22:25:39

If it's the same one that wass on at County Hall last year, my dh and ds went and really enjoyed it (ds is 6). He got to do Jedi training and fight Darth Vader too.

This was obviously his highlight but he did enjoy seeing the exhibits as well.

rosealbie Thu 29-May-08 22:26:13

OMG just realised I read it as Star Wars - sorry! blush

jura Thu 29-May-08 22:27:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura Thu 29-May-08 22:28:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rosealbie Thu 29-May-08 22:28:33

You know sometimes when you just see some words and they register as something totally different? grin

LyraSilvertongue Thu 29-May-08 22:29:08

We're going tomorrow. smile
Boys very excited.
We tried to get tickets for about midday but they were all booked up. ended up with a 10.30am time slot hmm Alternative was 3pm.
I think you do really have to book in advance.

LyraSilvertongue Thu 29-May-08 22:33:44

Worley, from Stratford take the Central Line (the red one) to Notting Hill Gate then change to the District Line (the green one) to Earls Court. Shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes.

worley Thu 29-May-08 22:36:19

i have jotted down the hotline number so i can try to ring through first thing, can you pick your tickets up from the door if you book on the day still?
lyra, did you book online?
i meant to do it a few days ago and then forgot, god i will in the poop if we dont get in tomorrow...

LyraSilvertongue Thu 29-May-08 22:39:17

We booked this morning on the phone hotline. They're pretty strict on the timings so not sure I'd chance it. I think we pick up the tickets at the box office.

LyraSilvertongue Thu 29-May-08 22:40:17

When we rang they had plenty of early morning/late afternoon tickets left. it was just peak time (around midday) sold out.

worley Thu 29-May-08 22:42:41

i will ring while on the train then, fingers crossed, we were hoping for about 2pmish so later would work out ok. ds1 wants to go to hamleys as well, which is a trek, but we dont get in to london till 11, so by the time we have fed ds1 and ds2 had a wander later on should be good. hopefully...

seeker Thu 29-May-08 22:43:08

We've been. We enjoyed it, but be warned that it's practically all looking at exhibits - there's only a few of things you can actually do. And it's not scary (except for the Dalek bit). My ds is 7 and a real wimp (will only watch Dr Who peeping out from between dp, dd and me and clutching two on his cuddlies) and he wasn't scared (except at the aforementioned Daleks). He didn't even have to hold anyone's hand after the first few minutes.

Oh, and the exit is, as always, through a shop and it's mega expensive. Couldn't find anything for less than a fiver.

Oh again, we queued for ages for the one loo outside, only to discover that there are loos just inside with no queue!

seeker Thu 29-May-08 22:45:50

We booked online and printed off our tickets. Worked fine.

TinkerbellesMum Fri 30-May-08 00:59:05

seeker are there weeping angels in there? My DSS was traumatised by that episode, he never turns his back on a statue and will flick past the page in his annual.

seeker Fri 30-May-08 06:11:07

There's one angel, tinkerbelle, but we didn't find it particularly scary. It doesn't do anything - it's on the wall with strobe lighting, but not particularly dramatic.

That was SUCH a scary episode wasn't it!

jura Fri 30-May-08 09:49:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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