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Lunch venue in London for 60th birthday family lunch.

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Maudy Fri 14-Jan-05 16:06:30

We are hoping to take my mum out for a family lunch for her 60th birthday which is in 2 weeks. We have been very tardy in organisig it, thinking we were going to do a surprise party but she has scuppered our plans. Anyway, can anyone think of a good place for about 15 people including lots of kids aged between 1 and 10. Somewhere nice, poshish but kid friendly and not a chain place (don't want much do i?). I'm a bit out of touch with London eateries having moved a couple of years ago so any help is greatly received.

Thanks is advance.

Hausfrau Fri 14-Jan-05 16:08:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catgirl Fri 14-Jan-05 16:28:18

People's Palace in the Royal Festival Hall - great views over the river, good food and service is (usually) spot on.

catgirl Fri 14-Jan-05 16:37:59

meant to add that, in case you haven't been to London in a while, that South Bank is great to wonder around now, near London Eye etc, new bridge open from the Embankment

binkie Fri 14-Jan-05 16:39:13

Is Blue Kangaroo in Chelsea posh enough? - supposed to be fantastic for children (soft play in basement) but also good food for grownups. (Haven't been there myself but have heard good reports.)

If I were in your place I'd be looking for something that had distractions either onsite like BK or v close by. Isn't there something nice in St. James' Park now? Or what about one of those canal boat + lunch trips?

RudyDudy Fri 14-Jan-05 16:43:24

It's the Inn the Park at St James' Park and is really lovely - great food, fab service, very relaxed and mega child friendly. I went to a birthday lunch there in the summer - 8 of us and 4 babies / toddlers and nothing was too much trouble. Also very nice building and lovely views over the lake. innthepark

CountessDracula Fri 14-Jan-05 17:08:16

Oh god no Blue Kangaroo is hell on earth! Binkie it really is awful, the noise levels have to be heard to be believed and it is always a total mess!

Do you need it to be in central london?

The Phoenix Bar & Grill in Putney is great, you could have a whole area to yourselves (we did this for dd's non-christening) Food good too and they are v child friendly. We organised our own menu etc and it wasn't too spenny

binkie Fri 14-Jan-05 17:16:36

OOPS well now we know! Thanks!

RD, Inn the Park looks gorgeous. I need an excuse for a party now.

franch Fri 14-Jan-05 17:19:28

Maybe a bit too posh, but we had DH's birthday lunch at the Mandarin Oriental when DD was about 2 months old - it was a weekday and very quiet - DD screamed all the way through the meal and they couldn't have been nicer! The restaurant's called Foliage - it overlooks Hyde Park and is stunning.

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 17:22:50

Some suggestions here

I've been to Smollensky's - not posh as such, but great for kids (entertainer and bar area was sectioned off for trikes etc when we went). The food and cocktails were great.

A friend had a big family do at The Blue Elephant with lots of children in tow and said it was marvellous.

Maudy Fri 14-Jan-05 20:04:05

Thanks for all your ideas. I think the Blue Elephant would be good fun and Inn the Park looks lovely. Its making me really hungry looking at all the menus!

More ideas welcome.

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Tue 25-Jan-05 18:31:25

where did you decide in the end

bluesky Tue 25-Jan-05 19:30:49

Dont know if I'm too late, but we took m-in-law for family meal to Blue Elephant and it was fantastic.

bluesky Tue 25-Jan-05 19:31:14

meant to say it was her 60th too

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