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London days out/activities for 1-year-old?

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rouge Tue 04-Jan-05 14:17:56

We live in N1 and DH has a week off for DD's 1st birthday at the end of the month. I was thinking she might appreciate a trip to the zoo ... what else might appeal at that age?

welshmum Tue 04-Jan-05 14:21:40

The fountains in Trafalgar Square? I always reccommend this - I do take dd elsewhere honest

Twiglett Tue 04-Jan-05 14:25:04

Think really at that age being anywhere is interesting and fun .. so go places that you want to and that are happy for young children there and just have fun

I would avoid going anywhere you have to pay a lot .. the zoo is quite expensive (as is the aquarium) because you have to pay for adults .. why don't you go to a city farm instead? they tend to be free

science museum is fun to run through as are the parks


rouge Tue 04-Jan-05 14:35:46

Thanks welshmum & Twiglett - DD isn't walking yet but they're lovely ideas - got 2 for 1 ticket for Aquarium with Time Out this week so might try that actually - do you think an only-just-1-year-old would enjoy it?

welshmum Tue 04-Jan-05 14:48:40

Who knows what goes on in their lovely little heads?? I'd try it and see. If it doesn't work out, scoot outside and take them to look at the Wheel - it's just outside the door. And if that's no good get on a bus and go to look at my fountains!

Twiglett Tue 04-Jan-05 15:06:18

acquarium was more than £8 a ticket when we took DS 2 years ago for his 2nd

rouge Tue 04-Jan-05 20:12:41

welshmum I'll let you know how we get on!

KatieinSpain Tue 04-Jan-05 20:20:41

Took DS1 to the zoo for his first birthday. I got to feed the elephants!!! Took DS2 to the aquarium for his. We had a lovely day both times and I have some very treasured memories and photos. We had a birthday tea, at home, for both boys too. I just wanted to do something special. Have a wonderful day together.

rouge Tue 04-Jan-05 20:26:36

So Katie, if you had to choose, which of the 2 would you go for? And which do you think the birthday boys themselves appreciated more?

lockets Tue 04-Jan-05 20:59:52

Message withdrawn

hattynewyear Tue 04-Jan-05 21:02:26

I think at that age the Tate Modern might be a god one. Have to confess I haven't actually ben but dh has and says that the kids just enjoy the space and sheer size of it - if she's just at that running around stage she's probably like it. And it's interesting for adults too

rouge Tue 04-Jan-05 21:03:51

not walking yet hatty but I'll keep that one up my sleeve

hattynewyear Tue 04-Jan-05 21:05:10

or even a good one

KatieinSpain Tue 04-Jan-05 21:21:38

Argh - don't know, but to add to your confusion, have taken both DS1 and 2 to the Tate Modern and had a brilliant day out there, too. Their cafe and lovely chunky chips went down a treat.
Why not wait and see if the weather decides for you? Thinking about it, DS1's birthday is in May and DS2's is in November.
We also met up with loads of friends at the Tate and saw the Hopper exhibition . TBH, they seem happy when we're happy and moving round.

DillyDally Wed 05-Jan-05 15:58:57

Try a city farm, the mudchute one has two baby piglets at the mo, who can jump surprisingly high.

Batters Wed 05-Jan-05 16:36:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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