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London with 22 month old active toddler - suggestions please?

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Weegle Sun 13-Apr-08 18:37:50

We're looking to do a day out in London next Saturday to give a non-Brit a bit of a taste for it. We have recently done Big Red Bus, Science Museum and Natural History Museum so would rather do something else but I'm struggling to think of something that will keep DS entertained and happy all day. Also, which parks and whereabouts in them, are good playgrounds? Thanks!

lottiejenkins Sun 13-Apr-08 18:43:00

Not sure if it will last all day but i can suggest the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

lottiejenkins Sun 13-Apr-08 18:44:28

Oh and ive just remembered the Duck too.......

Weegle Sun 13-Apr-08 18:51:53

Duck could be a good idea... will ponder that. Does it go on the Thames then?

Would DS get frustrated at the museum of childhood not being able to touch things? Is there much he can actually DO? He'll drive me nuts if I'm trying to herd him around exhibits but if it's like the Science Museum where there's lots kids can do then that would be great.

Thank you.

SniffyHock Sun 13-Apr-08 18:53:56

The Diana Memorial park in Kensington is fab - if your friend wanted to nip off to the palace or to Harrods they could.

Weegle Sun 13-Apr-08 19:01:28

That sounds a great idea - had completely forgotten that. And Harrods would deinfitely be a tourist "tick"

lottiejenkins Sun 13-Apr-08 19:54:41

As far as i can remember there are things that your ds can touch and yes the duck does go on the thames my ds then 10 yrs old loved it!

katyt1 Sun 13-Apr-08 19:58:42

Recent recommendation of the transport museum in covent garden - haen't been yet but plan to take ds1 (22mo) soon,

JiminyCricket Sun 13-Apr-08 19:59:39

Tate modern & the eye?

Izzywhizzy Sun 13-Apr-08 20:01:48

I second the Diana park in Kensington Gardens suggestion. The playground is second to none.

Weegle Sun 13-Apr-08 20:22:45

thank you all... so I'm thinking weather permitting we go with Diana Playground with a few walkable sights... so what could we walk to from there? I'm not very good at the geography... so Harrods, where else?

If wet we'll go for a museum/gallery... quite fancy the Tate modern. Concerned the eye might be wasted on DS, do you pay for toddlers?

topsmart Fri 16-May-08 12:52:02

how did you get on? Just spotted this thread and thought i'd confirm (for anyone else thinking of visiting) that there's loads to do for toddlers at the museum of childhood - sandpit, massive rocking horse, light/mirrors bit. and they don't mind kids running around - everyone else there is a parent or child!

Sunshinemummy Fri 16-May-08 12:55:04

Battersea Park is great. There's a children's playground and a children's zoo, which is small but great fun (also a playground in the zoo).

I also like the playground in St James' Park, which is all wood and sand - really nice.

London Zoo is great but a full day as there's so much to see. Restaurant is rubbish so worht taking a picnic if you go there.

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 12:17:22

take them to john lewis kids floor!!

Lola234 Fri 18-Jul-08 12:17:22

take them to john lewis kids floor!!

Booboobedoo Fri 18-Jul-08 12:19:31

Everything everyone else said (especially the Duck) plus the London Aquarium.

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