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Inspiration for New Years Eve with a 2 1/2 and 9 month old

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jenkel Tue 28-Dec-04 23:10:09

We have been deserted this year by family who we normally spend New Years Eve with and close friends are busy, so this year we are the billy no mates family. We really want to do something special for all of us, even if its late afternoon early evening. Trying to think of something but hitting a blank wall. We were thinking of the cinema but our local one isnt really showing anything that I think would appeal to our 2 1/2 year old. Would really like to go to a child friendly restaurant where the food is good and they have entertainment to keep kids amused - does such a thing exist? we are in Hertfordshire - any suggestions anybody?

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Tue 28-Dec-04 23:14:54

Live in Poole so not much help I'm afraid. We invited friends to us with their kids for a drink too, also offered them all a bed for the night, but they already have plans or aren't too keen to keep their kids out for the night.
Doesn't appear to be anything in our area either to keep the kids entertained.
Looks like it's a party on MN instead!!

whowantstobeamillionare Tue 28-Dec-04 23:32:34

are you talking about stayong up till late with them? or a meal and then going home early?

sallyhollyberry Tue 28-Dec-04 23:36:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyhollyberry Tue 28-Dec-04 23:38:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whowantstobeamillionare Tue 28-Dec-04 23:49:57

Would it be so bad to do what some others of us are doing (us included who can't get babysitters) and spend the day playing with children, also get no relief and then open a bottle of wine, run a bath, light lots of candles, read a favourite book and do exactly as you please!!

jenkel Tue 28-Dec-04 23:57:09

think thats what we will be doing whowantstobeamillionaire and no nothing wrong with that but would have been good to do something a little bit different for all of us

whowantstobeamillionare Wed 29-Dec-04 00:02:11

jenkel only suggested that as a last resort as nothing else looked good for you, wasn't being thoughtless just wanted you to know you're not alone and please get on mumsnet and share all your delights with us lot (I will be hopefully!!!).

jenkel Wed 29-Dec-04 00:09:38

ok whowantstobeamillionaire, think thats probably a date!

mishmish Wed 29-Dec-04 00:12:36

hi jenkel, sorry I don't know your area, are there any museums or galleries near you? Sometimes they have special activities for young children and many have child-friendly cafes. I know it might sound daft but you could try ringing your local Tourist Information Centre to see if they have any suggestions, sometimes they get information on special events etc. Whatever you do have a lovely time and happy new year.

Starofbethlibbhem Wed 29-Dec-04 00:23:15

sorry jenkel, I started a similar thread without seeing this one . . . I have no suggestions as I am stumped too - although I recall visiting London Zoo one year on New Years Eve - would that be an idea?

Hope you find your answer xxxxx

mishiclaus Wed 29-Dec-04 00:30:16

hi all
similair situation here...we have a 14mth old and no one to babysit so dh and
I will be doing nothing...which is actually normal for always feel like i shoulds be doing more but never know what

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Dec-04 00:31:48

If it was me I think I'd put the children to bed at normal time, get champagne in and have a romantic evening with my dh. Or put kids to bed at normal time, invite friends round and eat, drink and be merry. Last year ds was 6 and dd was only 3 weeks old so we went to bed at 10.30pm as normal. This year we have been invited to friends and are deliberating whether champagne + late night + lovely company are worth Non sleeping baby in someone else's house + early morning + hangover. Hmmmm! An early night may win yet!

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