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Somewhere child-friendly in Hammersmith W6?

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Arabica Tue 28-Dec-04 21:19:50

Taking DS (3.9) to a 2pm show at Lyric theatre tomorrow (Weds). Just wondering if there is anywhere nearby for lunch?
Also is there a playground nearby (we're coming on tube). Haven't been to Hammersmith since last century.
Local knowledge much appreciated...

Kaz33 Tue 28-Dec-04 21:55:05


There is a good playground walking distance of Hammersmith tube - Brook Green I think it is.

Don't know anything about food unfortunately.

Arabica Tue 28-Dec-04 23:51:59

That's the entertainment sorted. Just the food to go!

Arabica Tue 28-Dec-04 23:52:42

Sorry, Kaz33, forgot to say thanks.

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Dec-04 00:36:58

There's a pizza place (might be nasty Pizza Hut but hey ho!) not very far down King St on the right hand side just a bit past The Lyric. Just looked on a map it is Pizza Hut, it might come out here

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Dec-04 00:40:04

And Ravenscourt Park isn't much further along on the same side and has a play park I think. More info here

Arabica Wed 29-Dec-04 09:24:50

Thanks wwwitch, I think we may try the park as it sounds lovely.

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