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anyway of getting in Madame Tussauds cheaper?

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hollybet Tue 21-Dec-04 12:17:40

We are coming to London for a couple of days next week and have decided that we want to go to the Waxworks - but it's going to be more expensive for the five of us than the trainfare from Wigan!

Are there any discount vouchers/codes available anywhere?

hollybet Tue 21-Dec-04 16:21:45


hana Tue 21-Dec-04 16:28:55

do you have any tesco clubcard vouchers? can use those towards tickets I think

MistltAeroAndWine Tue 21-Dec-04 17:19:52

was just going to suggest that hana - you beat me to it, but I'm not sure how it works.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:23:05

Is there anything on

fuzzywuzzy Tue 21-Dec-04 18:25:46

Try London 2 for one . fill it in and print it out. Have a nice time

hollybet Wed 22-Dec-04 09:20:23

Thank you - you've saved me a small fortune

mwah mwah!!

hosannainIXELsis Wed 22-Dec-04 10:02:41

I hate to sound negative, but i really wouldn't bother. Even with a discount. When I worked there, it was good, but has got progressively worse (dh has been there 16 years, so we go to see him alot). There used to be well over 300 figures, now there's about 120. Its all been replaced with secondary spend kiosks etc. The front of house staff are really good, but its the change in management ideas thats spoilt it if you ask me. No one cares about customer satifaction anymore, just numbers through the door.Sorry if this sounds unfestive!

hollybet Wed 22-Dec-04 22:23:34


It was one of the few things that I could come up wiht that was weather proof and would appeal to a 16 year old girl, an 11 year old boy and an 8 year old boy. She is very anti-museum and they are very anti shopping!

fuzzywuzzy Wed 22-Dec-04 22:27:08

hollybet, if you've not been before it is of fun. I hope you guys have a nice time.

hosannainIXELsis Thu 23-Dec-04 09:02:22

I'm sorry that last post sounded so bad. Shame on me for masking Fuzzywuzzy appease you I just really think that twenty odd quid is too much for about 1 to 2 hours max! The chamber of horrors is good, but thats about 5 mins, and the dark ride is good if its working. When are you going? I cant promise, but depending what day it is, I MIGHT be able to get you in free. It means either me or dh meeting you at the door with the swipe card, which would be fine if its before my Mum comes to stay or if dh is at work anyway! They used to do tear out books of free tickets, but now you have to have a card with the whole lot on, which isn't so easy to organise!! If you're interested, you can CAT me your phone number and I'll call you to see if we can arrange something.

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