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7mth DS looking for days out in London town - help cos he is getting bored

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newdad2 Mon 14-Jan-08 14:52:26

DS is getting bored with usual weekend jaunt to the park, visiting MIL etc. Started to eat solids and DW BF still. Looking through the threads think Greenwich is a must but need some other ideas. We took him to London Eye and it was very cold. He was ill and miserable for a week. So preferably indoor venues would be best.

binkleandflip Mon 14-Jan-08 14:55:06

He is 7m old..fresh air is all he needs surely? What exactly did you think a 7mo old would garner from a day at the London Eye?

As for indoor venues what about baby massage or gymbabies etc?

CaptainUnderpants Mon 14-Jan-08 15:01:51

Hang on... is DS getting bored or the parents ? hmm

7 month old doesn't need to see the sights of London , some stimulating entertainment from parents - swimming perhpas , local childrens farm ? Not a day out in London surely ?

dooley1 Mon 14-Jan-08 15:03:25

is he your first?
he'll just be happy doing whatever you are doing, so going to the shops, going out in the pushcahir, going to Mothers and Toddlers. No need for expensive London attarctions for a good few years yet!

Saturn74 Mon 14-Jan-08 15:03:27

ROFL at Binkleandflip! grin

Take him swimming when he's feeling better. That tires them out and is good exercise for all. smile

Twiglett Mon 14-Jan-08 15:06:59

ROFL .... he's 7 months old ... do you mean you're getting bored?

if you like museums, art galleries, cafes, and wandering around town then do it

Twiglett Mon 14-Jan-08 15:07:32

city farms are a good bet (but again he's too young really)

CaptainUnderpants Mon 14-Jan-08 15:12:12

Find Ds an big empty box that he can crawl through ( if crawling ) or some saucepans with a wooden spoon to bang them with ( and a pair of earplugs for Mummy & Daddy )

If you fancy a day out in London then dont do anything especailly for DS he will just enjoy taking in the smells . sights etc and being with Mum & Dad smile

Sunshinemummy Mon 14-Jan-08 15:14:01


lennygrrl Mon 14-Jan-08 15:18:03

Message withdrawn

newdad2 Mon 14-Jan-08 15:33:55

True he is our first, but it's a suggestion from another thread about spending time out of the house as a family. DW had very little time with him - too much to go into. So its doing stuff as a family and getting DW out of the house when she is not at work. Also we have taken a role reversal and I am a SAHD for the moment so that has probably something to do with it. The London Eye trip was a freebie. Someone from the bf support group used to work there so had VIP tickets to give away before it ran out at Christmas. She invited us out as a new families thing -bloody cold weather though.

newdad2 Mon 14-Jan-08 15:36:13

PS : what's gym babies??
I know DW was going to ante natal yoga classes and there were also mums and their LOs there too. Mmm maybe she could do that - but I don't fancy yoga.

Sunshinemummy Mon 14-Jan-08 15:37:39

Also all the museums if it's about getting you out as a family.

The zoo, the aquarium. Hackney City Farm is good and has a lovely organic cafe.

CaptainUnderpants Mon 14-Jan-08 15:43:14

What about starting a new thread - I'm a new SAHD , what kind of things can I do with my 7 month old DS ? '

Gym classes - tumble tots
Music classes - monkey music , jo jingles etc

Have to dash out now , just a thought smile

witchandchips Mon 14-Jan-08 15:43:30

At this age good to treat w/e as if you are on a self-catering holiday in a lovely french town. So get up stroll down to bakers for bread and papers. Then have leisurely breakfast. LO has nap parents read papers and talk to each other
Then go shopping for w/e food, perhaps picnic lunch
- you know the kind of thing

legalalien Mon 14-Jan-08 15:43:47

whereabouts in london are you(are you in London?)

newdad2 Mon 14-Jan-08 17:37:25

Thanks all. I've also started a new thread as suggested by CUpants (wotz monkey music and jo jingles?) We have excellent early start provision in the area and have taken him to a couple of things but its the doing stuff together at a weekend thats the crux of the matter. I like the idea of self catering holiday theme. I live in London (East).

popmum Mon 14-Jan-08 18:02:19

jo jingles/ music train are classes where babies/toddlers do music/song etc. if you google them you may find a local class in your area. Normally run during the week.
Or take a look in the library/ church hall for posters for things to do locally. Eg there may not be jo jingles (a national franchise) but a local one

'discover' at stratford would be a goo day for you too, when DS is a bit bigger, maybe 18 months discover

CaptainUnderpants Tue 15-Jan-08 21:04:48

What about having a look at this site


spicemonster Tue 15-Jan-08 21:08:32

Your local library will probably do a baby bounce type thing. Otherwise I find going out for long walks with my DS in the pushchair with a stop for a coffee for me and a fiddle with a couple of spoons for him keeps him amused

newdad2 Thu 17-Jan-08 14:15:51

Thanks everyone, took DS to Discover and became members. `excellent place.

Thanks capt u'pnts - will look through and see what's good.
We are doing the greenwich thing his wend weather permitting. Good practice in getting out and about.

beansprout Thu 17-Jan-08 14:17:48

Shame that the Proms don't start until the summer. grin

HannahForever Fri 10-Jun-11 13:33:18

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

MrsJamin Tue 14-Jun-11 14:05:03

nice try on plugging your blog on this thread from over 3 years ago! reported to MN

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