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Any soft play areas in north west kent/north east surrey?

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RealZoe Tue 06-Nov-07 21:39:44

I'm in south east London and arranging to meet up with friends from Surrey and Sussex. I am trying to find somewhere half way (maybe around Sevenoaks). We've all got 1 year olds and as the weather is closing in thought a soft play area would be great - any ideas please?

Marina Tue 06-Nov-07 21:42:29

There is a good but very popular one at Godstone Farm

Marina Tue 06-Nov-07 21:43:28

Although if yours are all tiny, maybe's in a barn and mostly aimed at older children IIRC
Would Gambado in Beckenham be suitable?
Awful bloody place to drive to though hmm

WaynettaSlob Tue 06-Nov-07 21:44:56

Manic Monsters in Edenbridge is fab....

RealZoe Tue 13-Nov-07 20:10:41

Thanks all - Manic Monsters looks great. Will try that.

Weegle Thu 15-Nov-07 18:27:45

Manic Monsters is cool. Weekdays aren't too busy either. Also my 17 mo has no probs in the playbarn at Godstone Farm, and it's a fab day out with the outdoor bits and animals. But purely soft play, Manic Monsters is great and the food is really good, not just chips.

allibow Thu 17-Jul-08 12:39:28

we took my daughter to Manic Monsters a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time!
The children had a great time playing on the soft play areas and slides and the price wasn't to bad for the time we spent there.

we used to find the details if anyone is interested

Alli & emily

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