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Days out harrogate

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pinkmama Mon 25-Oct-04 18:13:40

I am visiting my sister, who has no children, with my 6 and 2 year old this week. Has anyone got any ideas as to where we could go for days out. Farms would be a particular favourite. I moved from York a few years ago, so know my way around, but not what to do with kids!
Any recommendations would be appreciated

fruitful Mon 25-Oct-04 19:06:08

We stayed south of Harrogate so I'm not sure how close some of these are but if they help...

National Railway museum in York is free now and has lots of trains that you can look into / go on - it was a hit with our 2yo.

Newby Hall (here ) was good. Adventure playground (with toddler section and sandpit), ride-on little railway, lots gardens to charge round. House was nice too although we did go through it all in about 10 minutes!

Lotherton Hall Bird Gardens (here ) - didn't go in the house but the birds entertained for a morning and you only pay for parking.

Harewood house (here ) also has birds, an adventure playground, house.

Mumsnet recommended Conisbrough castle (here ) but we didn't get there.

pinkmama Tue 26-Oct-04 08:43:22

thank you fruitful. Railway museum is always likely to be a hit with our 2 year old thomas obsessive! I will give some of those others a try.

bizzi Sat 30-Oct-04 17:37:19

We like Temple Newsam, just off J28 (I think) of M1, it has a small farm where you can feed the pigs.
Also, great for rainy days is Tropical Gardens in Leeds.
Sorry can't do links.
Walks along the river Nidd are gorgeous, park in Karesborough by river.
Oh, half term ending, I may be too late...

ShirleyT Wed 03-Nov-04 09:17:32

The Time Machine in Harrogate is great for a rainy day - you've probably heard of this one though - it's basically an upmarket wacky warehouse with much nicer coffee and cakes!

geekgrrl Wed 03-Nov-04 09:45:32

Skipton castle is really nice, very well preserved and lots to look at.
We're a bit lacking in farms to visit around here, but there is Big Sheep & Little Cow near Bedale, about 45 minutes away. I've not been but dd has with nursery and they said it was absolutely fantastic.

The Pump Room museum in Harrogate has a museum of childhood exhibition on this year which my children really enjoyed.
As for railways, there's the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam railway . Very nice, with cafe, gift shop and scenic journey.

pinkmama Wed 03-Nov-04 09:48:07

Thanks for those. I am now back, and we had a good trip out to manor park farm at thirsk. I will remember the time machine for future wet visits! Thanks again for al your help

ballygowan Thu 07-Apr-05 20:47:13

i took my two children (3 and 6 months) to the Time Machine in Harrogate at the weekend. We stayed for over two hours and had lunch which was lovely. None of your normal chicken nuggets and chips like you normally get. It was nice to see healthy food on the menu. The kids really enjoyed themselves.Will definately be going back

popsycal Thu 07-Apr-05 20:48:09

lightwater valley in ripon - about 30 mins from harrogate

popsycal Thu 07-Apr-05 20:48:56

more expensive than i remembered though

popsycal Thu 07-Apr-05 20:49:43

agree about railway museum - we went there yesterday with our 2 year 8 month old

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