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Enchanted Forest

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missgriss Sun 09-Sep-07 15:48:56

Has anyone every been to the Enchanted Forest up near Pitlochery? I saw the advert for it on the television and was considering taking the dc, who will be 2.6 and 17 months if we go (end of October)

Is it any good? Are my DC too young to appreciate it? Is it expensive? Am I asking too many questions grin

jinkers Sun 09-Sep-07 17:06:52

Hi- I have been a few times to this with my two dc. Sad to say that the first time they went ( first took dd when she was 6, and ds when he was 5) they were both quite scared. In fact dd had to be led out with her eyes shut and her ears covered because she was spooked by the loud noises coming from the woods! They did enjoy it last time we took them, but to be honest it was quite a lot of money for what amounted to an hour walking around a very crowded ( they cram in as many coach loads as they can) wood in the rain looking at some lights before queuing for 30 minutes for a coach back to the car. Sorry to be negative!

missgriss Mon 10-Sep-07 08:08:51

Hi, no need to apoligise. I was wondering whether it was worth the time and money. DC love lights at the moment, I might just hang off an extra couple of month and take them a walk along Princes Street in December wink


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