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Cadbury World

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tootie Thu 30-Sep-04 18:55:28

Has anyone been to cadbury world recently? We are hoping to go in October with ds's age 3 and 6.They both live for chocolate so I think we'll get our money's worth!Any advice on visiting would be appreciated.

jampot Thu 30-Sep-04 19:00:34

yes - book tickets and get there as early as possible. Its a great day, you get handed chocolate at every turn, and lots to do for children. There's a picnic area outside with play apparatus, plus a cafe and shop onsite.

spykid Thu 30-Sep-04 19:03:17

Took our ds's last year, they would have been 3 and 5 then. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots and LOTS of free chocolate given out, and they had a tour of the factory and a chance to make their own choccies. Cadbury bean ride was a big hit too, although there was quite a wait for it(gives you time to eat some of the free chocolate! If the weather is nice there is a great outdoor play area and places to picnic. Would thoroughly reccomend it! (especially if a chocaholic like me)

ebbie22 Thu 30-Sep-04 19:11:32

would it also be ok for a 2 year old?

spykid Thu 30-Sep-04 19:18:36

ebbie22, I think a 2 year old would enjoy it as there is quite a lot of interactive play..pressing buttons, flashing lights etc. You don't HAVE to visit all the technical parts and you can go round at your own pace.

tootie Thu 30-Sep-04 19:45:53

thanks for your replies folks! just one question jampot-I checked the cad. world website and it said a visit takes at most 3 hours.would you give it longer or does that seem about right?

poppyseed Thu 30-Sep-04 19:55:34

We've been loads of times with our children and with friends when they come to visit. 3 hours is plenty imo, you tend to do the inside main trip first and then you can visit the outside play area and Cadburyland (animated show with all the cadbury characters) afterwards, although it doesn't really matter which way round you do it - they don't mind.
The only thing that I would say is to pre book, that way you can walk straight in and avoid the queues and collect your tickets...
Theres the history of chocolate, Joseph cadbury history, manufacture of choc, advertising, factory tour, car ride, loads of button pressing and flashing lights all to end in the factory shop yum! yum! The outside bit has the fab play areas as spykid has already mentioned..
It's a really good day out and eveb the restaurant is better than I expected catering for all needs - sandwiches/jackets/nuggets/kids boxes etc etc etc
Have a great time - the kids will love it..

roisin Thu 30-Sep-04 20:03:41

I was really disappointed by Cadburys World. The smell of the melted chocolate made me feel very sick after a while, and the tour seemed rather incoherent, and at the end ds1 (4 at the time) said "But I still don't really understand HOW they actually make chocolate? What do they DO with the beans to get the cocoa butter?" Then to cap it all they suddenly started leaping around with great excitement every time they saw a Cadburys logo in a shop, and this effect lasted several months.

It's great marketing for Cadburys, but I wouldn't encourage anyone to go.

(Sorry to be a moan, but felt I had to offer the alternative point of view.)

The kids did enjoy it though!

jampot Thu 30-Sep-04 21:32:45

I'd say 3 hours is probably about right but obviously a lot depends on whether you look at everything on offer. Hope you enjoy yourselves. Where are you travelling from?

logic Thu 30-Sep-04 21:47:06

I went to Cadbury's world when 7 months pregnant. I tell you, you need all the chocolate handouts you can get just to make it up all the stairs in that condition. I think that really young chilren might get bored because there is a bit of waiting involved and a few talks. I have to admit that dh and I went into the kiddies theatre show and stamped our feet and shouted " It's behind you" with the best of 'em. We enjoyed it anyway.

tootie Fri 01-Oct-04 13:22:35

jampot we're travelling from Scotland, but my sister lives in Leamington Spa and we'll be staying with her for a few days.We might visit Drayton Manor and/or Hatton kiddies thingy while we're there.The weather is usually drier anyway

LunarSea Fri 01-Oct-04 14:00:53

tootie - if you're at Hatton in between
Saturday 23rd October and Sunday 31st October they will give you a free pumpkin each - you can go down to the field on a tractor and trailer ride and choose your own, or there are some ready picked.

jampot Fri 01-Oct-04 14:02:24

Good tip Lunar - also Ash End House Farm at Middleton do Hallowe'en things too.

LunarSea Fri 01-Oct-04 14:02:41

Oh - and if you're going to Hatton, don't miss the fabulous Woolgars toy shop while you are there.

poppyseed Fri 01-Oct-04 14:05:11

and the fab fleece shop too!!

LunarSea Fri 01-Oct-04 14:15:01

You mean Lads and Lasses ? They actually have a lot more in the shop than on the website. And fab foodie stuff from the farm shop too (including the world's nicest sausages).

tootie Fri 01-Oct-04 20:06:21

thanks for that tip Lunar - the kids loved Hatton last year and I might actually get the chance to look round the gorgeous shops there!BTW has anyone got any info on an indoor water park in the Midlands?My sis said there is one around but she wasn't sure where(incase the weather isn't drier)

tootie Mon 04-Oct-04 18:42:47

anyone out there?

Slink Mon 04-Oct-04 18:57:55

Cadbury's world arhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm best day no need to buy choc get so much freexx

LunarSea Mon 04-Oct-04 19:22:22

Can't think of a water park that close to here - unless you mean Waterworld , in Stoke?

tootie Tue 05-Oct-04 14:23:38

that's probably it - seems a bit far away for us but thanks anyway

TraceyP Mon 11-Oct-04 08:38:51

I was very disappointed with Cadbury World, although it's been a while since I went. I took an older child (I think she was about 10 at the time) and we were in and out within less than an hour. Neither of us could work out what the fuss was all about and I, too, felt the tour was disjointed and incoherent. It's also very expensive, so the free chocolate isn't really that much of a deal!

Mumof2gorgeousbabies Thu 06-Apr-17 18:03:45

Hi, my husband has booked us cadbury world for my son's 2nd birthday I also have a 1 year old. Do you think this would be good for them or would they get bored?


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