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Suggestions for a day out in London tomorrow for DDs (5yo and 7yo) and two marginally bewildered Romanian aupairs. It is not going to rain [allegedly], so could be an outdoor thing.

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Issy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:11:56

Our new Romanian aupairs want to take the DDs to London tomorrow on the train. DD1 has rather stroppily said she doesn't want to go, but after several days of being stuck in the house as a result of a prang in the car and the relentless rain, I think our aupairs are understandably stir-crazy.

We've probably done the Natural History Museum and Science Museum to death and the last time we visited the London Acquarium it was an experience reminiscent of Ikea on a Saturday afternoon with the addition of some rather dopey fish.

Any ideas? They'll arrive at Waterloo and they could take the Tube from there. Any outdoor things that are particularly child-friendly in central London and easily accessible by tube?

aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 17:22:11

Hello! Snap!

goingfor3 Wed 22-Aug-07 17:23:21

How about London zoo in camden. After the zoo they can look around camden which is interesting for all.

Issy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:23:43

Aloha - you too have marginally bewildered Romanian aupairs?!

Actually I was thinking of outdoor things. We rarely go to London parks as there is loads of outdoor space around us here in Guildford, but none of it is accessible without a car.

Issy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:24:11

Ooh! London Zoo, I had forgotten about that.

Anchovy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:33:44

DS and DH went to London Zoo a few weeks ago and said it was really very good.

aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 17:34:46

London Zoo is fab. Both kids loved it. I worry about rain though.

I did have a v competent Polish au pair...alas now gone!

Issy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:34:56

It's a bit wincingly expensive at £45 for a family ticket, but it would be a great day out.

Mercy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:36:37

Boat trip on the river?

(is it really not going to rain tomorrow?)

Anchovy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:37:57

Battersea Park Zoo, then? Must be cheaper as less exciting animals, but all animals are exciting when you are a child, and you are right on the river and have the park to run around in.

My 2 went the other week and really enjoyed it - there is a meerkat area which you go and stand in a little dome and there are often baby chicks just hatching.

aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 17:38:03

I think it is worth it, if you get there earlyish. It's huge with lots to see.

Issy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:38:05

I'm a lawyer, do you really think I'm going to provide a no-rain warranty?

According to the BBC 5 day forecast, no. According to the BBC 24 hour forecast, yes.

aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 17:38:45

Well, it's not you in teh rain so what do you care?

goingfor3 Wed 22-Aug-07 17:39:06

Look in you local train station to see if there are any vouchers. My train line has a two for one offer if you show your train ticket and the voucher at the zoo.

Mercy Wed 22-Aug-07 17:40:28

lol - I missed the [allegedly] bit!

stinky Wed 22-Aug-07 17:44:42

We did the Tower of London last Friday. It was excellent. Got train to Waterloo. Went to Tower on City Cruises (great commentary)and then went round the Tower. It was very good, the highlight for DS (7) was the live battles which they do every couple of hours. We had lunch there which, although pricey, was very good quality. Did all that on Tesco Clubcard vouchers so a bargain!

Another option from Waterloo is the London Eye if it is a clear day.


aloha Wed 22-Aug-07 17:46:25

Yes, the boat trip is good, esp for Romanians!
Tower can be a bit dull/baffling for small girls, I suspect.

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