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If you live in West London, try this out...................

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twogorgeousboys Mon 27-Sep-04 20:53:21

The Dandelion Cafe, Chiswick House, Chiswick W4.

Visited this today with a friend after seeing it advertised in a local magazine for families.

It's in the cricket pavilion in the grounds of Chiswick House and has been set up by local Mums (opened at the end of August).

Opening times are 10am - 3pm Mon to Fri.

There are LOADS of toys for babies & young children and it has both an indoor and outdoor play area.

Tea, coffee (cafetieres), light meals (eg pasta & fresh tomato sauce, cheese & ham toasties) plus nice cakes.

Cost: £3 for first child and £1.50 for siblings.

Spent about 3 hours here today - our children had a lovely time playing happily and our toddlers really enjoyed their lunch, as did we!

I'd be happy going on my own too, there were a few mums (and dads) on their own with their little ones.

yingers74 Thu 30-Sep-04 16:56:20

live in acton not too far away, don't know chiswick too well, where exactly is chiswick house in relation to say the tube stations

twogorgeousboys Thu 30-Sep-04 19:07:26

Its close to Chiswick (mainline) train station in a road called Burlington Lane.

It's not near any tubes.

I hadn't come across it before - needed my A-Z.

ks Thu 30-Sep-04 19:13:00

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 30-Sep-04 19:26:38

<<hands hankie to ks...>>

jane313 Thu 30-Sep-04 19:40:14

yingers you can get to it on the E3 from acton high street I think. I keep maening to try out that and the childs play cafe. Ive parked at the weekend near their but wasn't sure what it was like in the week.

ks Thu 30-Sep-04 19:47:17

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 30-Sep-04 19:48:21

Profers sweet and strong tea to ks......

jane313 Thu 30-Sep-04 19:52:21

its a double decker now!

yingers74 Sat 09-Oct-04 22:31:31

Just wanted to add that have been to chiswich play cafe during the week and it adds up to a nice relaxing day. Although not so sure about the old office equipment in the soft play room!!!! Am looking at the idea of setting something up in Acton as boy do we need aomewhere to go!

pabla Thu 24-Mar-05 15:39:03

Anyone know if this cafe is still open and is it usually open during school holidays? I'm visiting my aged auntie next week who lives near there and don't fancy being cooped up in her small flat with three lively kids.

Also, anyone know if there are any playgrounds in that general area? The last time i was in Chiswick House itself they didn't have a kids playground.

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