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Lunch in London

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escapefortheday Mon 20-Aug-07 21:31:48

Could anyone please recommend somewhere nice to have lunch with a friend in central London. I'd like to go somewhere pleasant, but more along the lines of a cafe than a restaurant - sandwiches salad and cake sort of thing.
It can be anywhere really although we need to go somewhere on the Tottenham Court Road in the afternoon.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

soapbox Mon 20-Aug-07 21:37:10

Gordon's bar in Selfridges is lovely.

Zinc in Heddon st is good too for salady type lunchy things IIRC

I haven't been for a while but Habitat on Totenham Court Road has a nice lunchy menu along Italian lines.

Heals has a restaurant/cafe which does lovely sandwiches and cake.

If you fancy being a bit more adventurous
Bam bou (sp?) on Charlotte St is good fun - great cocktail list and is very close to Tottenham Court road.

escapefortheday Mon 20-Aug-07 21:39:48

Thank you Soapbox.

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