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Family day out with 6 month old

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wemmicks Mon 20-Aug-07 11:00:21

DH has a few days off next week so we've got a long weekend; any ideas of days/half days out that we'd enjoy and our 6 month old DD would enjoy too? She's very curious about things but can get a bit restless if strapped in a pushchair for too long. We live in Berkshire between Windsor and Reading.
PS hope summer comes back soon!!

evenhope Mon 20-Aug-07 20:54:35


esc Wed 22-Aug-07 08:21:29

At that age, the trip can be as much fun as the places you are going to (and provides variety), so maybe worth taking the train and tube into London? London aquarium is always fascinating, especially the larger and more colourful fish. Suspect that the Science Museum is a bit too advanced. Natural History Museum would probably be good (and free). And assuming it's not pouring with rain (!!!), there's all the parks.

binkleandflip Wed 22-Aug-07 08:35:18

sorry but LOL at the science museam being 'a bit too advanced' for a 6 month old

Go where you fancy going basically, that has lots of facilities for baby change/feeding etc - your baby wont know any difference where you are.

JodieG1 Wed 22-Aug-07 08:35:41

Legoland isn't great for babies imo, we went there last weekend and the older two loved it but ds2 spent most of the day in his pram. I think I'd go for a walk to see ducks, park, the farm things like that rather than the bigger attractions. Also soft play is good if your lo is getting around on her own.

hertsnessex Wed 22-Aug-07 08:37:49

go where you want to, she will be experiencing new things where ever you go.

binkleandflip Wed 22-Aug-07 08:45:37

as long as she's with you, she's going to be happy

Tommy Wed 22-Aug-07 08:47:20

agree with others - go where you want and she will love it as long as there is plenty to look at and she gets a chance to get out of her pushchair.

Swimming for all of you and then you and DH have a lovely lunch somwwhere while she sleeps it off?

EscapeFrom Wed 22-Aug-07 08:57:22

Take her to a tea room full of old ladies and have a peaceful cup of tea while she is worshipped

EscapeFrom Wed 22-Aug-07 08:58:21

Save your cash until 4 weeks before she starts school and you're tearing your hair out <<frazzled>>

binkleandflip Wed 22-Aug-07 08:59:14

Lol at escapefrom - too true!!

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