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Is Drusillas Park worth the money?

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juicychops Fri 17-Aug-07 12:35:52

was thinking of taking ds 2.6 there next week but its £24 for the two of us!

I dont mind paying if its good but Is it worth the money?

ChippyMinton Fri 17-Aug-07 14:43:20

If you have a tesco clubcard vouchers you can use them.
My sister took my niece (same age) a couple of weeks ago and the ticket-seller said, if she'd been carrying her (niece was walking), she would've assumed she was under 2 and not charged.

Yes, it is a good day out & the train is Thomas Tank now. Take swimtrunks and towel for the paddling pool. And a picnic. Good play area for little ones.

Capers Fri 17-Aug-07 15:11:47

It does offer a very full day out. If you haven't already check their website

However, whether you get value for money depends somewhat on your 2 y.o's stamina levels and how many different breeds of monkey you can enthusiastically embrace.
I used to have annual membership (which if you live nearby is good value) but found a couple of hours per visit was enough before overload set in.

I guess it's all in the planning!

zubb Fri 17-Aug-07 15:14:18

you can use tesco vouchers, and if it's a nice day you can easily spend a long time there with the play area and the pool.
I haven't been for a couple of years but thought it was worth the price.

juicychops Fri 17-Aug-07 17:43:20

ok cool. i really dont think ds would get in as under 2 even if i was carrying him. hes so tall for his age he looks at least 3 years old.

Ive checked the website out already and it looks good. id have to go on a sunny day to get full advantage of the pool etc.

just wanted others opinions. Its quite far from me too and ive not driven on the motorway before yet. only had my car for 3 weeks!

babygrand Fri 17-Aug-07 17:44:11

If you live reasonably nearby it's worth getting an annual ticket. The one-off prices are really high. There's lots to do there though.

juicychops Fri 17-Aug-07 17:52:25

i think il go in the next couple of weeks and see what its like and if ds enjoys it then il consider getting an annual pass for the next time

Wheelybug Fri 17-Aug-07 17:56:17

we took dd at about 2.3 and it was a great day out - it is steep but I think you do get a full day out. Obviously go on a nice day (weather wise) as then you can get use out of the play area (for little ones the trampoline sunk into the ground is great !) and Thomas of course !

ChippyMinton Fri 17-Aug-07 18:25:23

Wait till the schools go back around 4/5 September so it will be less crowded.

juicychops Fri 17-Aug-07 18:48:44

oh yeah good idea. i forget they are all out of school at the moment

PestoMonster Sun 19-Aug-07 14:30:06

If you do decide to get an annual pass after your initial visit, you can have the cost of your day there deducted from the annual pass fee if you buy them the same day.

mummydoit Sun 19-Aug-07 14:44:29

Our two (3 and 4) absolutely loved it. There's a huge outdoor play area, an indoor bit plus the paddling pool and Thomas that others have already mentioned. Save some money by taking your own food and drink and go for it! You can definitely do a full day there.

policywonk Sun 19-Aug-07 15:01:32

Agree it MUST be a good day, weather-wise, then it is definitely worth it. We went recently - cost us £40-something for the four of us, then the heavens opened and we ended up spending most of our time in the Toddler Village, which is good but not £40-worth. Have been before on sunny days and had a great time. Definitely take your own food, and be warned that there are lots of coin-operated rides, so you might need to distract your DS at certain points!

PestoMonster Sun 19-Aug-07 19:14:19

Once you've got passes, then you can just pop in for an hour or two and you don't have to feel guilty if you don't stay the whole day. We sometimes just do the animals for example or other times might go in for a play and a paddle. Also, if you are members you can get reduced cost meals for your dcs which are quite good. Having said that, I usually take a flask & a a picnic if we go in the summer. The hot meals are better I think in the winter.

SlightlyMadStar Sun 19-Aug-07 19:19:21

It is the best day out we have ever had. I wouldn't have paid the admission prices at the time (we used tescos deals vouchers) as I thought it looked expensive. But having been - it is worth the prices they quote.

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