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Places to go in / around Leeds

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KitandAdamsmum Thu 16-Aug-07 21:28:06

Hi there

I wonder if anyone from the Leeds area can help?

We live in Hampshire and are planning a trip to meet a group of friends in Leeds in early December. We have a 3 year old and a baby, but none of these friends have young children. So we are looking for a place to meet where our son can keep occupied and enjoy himself, while 6-10 adults can sit in comfort and chat.

Ideally indoors (or wet weather friendly) and free or at least not too expensive.

I have looked at a few places on the internet but I have no idea what they are really like.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


manicmama Fri 17-Aug-07 11:53:54

I'm not local but have found this softplay place, this Wacky Warehouse and there is also Tropical World

Also, you could try Mumsnet Local.

letsnot Sun 19-Aug-07 19:00:05

Hi -not sure if you want to travel a bit, bu know Time Machine in Harrogate has new owners and is supposed to be nice for adults to sit and chat over coffee when children play - nice cafe area and good, clean soft play area

Yorkiegirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:11:32

Message withdrawn

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 21-Aug-07 22:25:54

Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall is great. I doesn't cost much to get in and there are various areas with comfy seating and kiddy activities (arts/crafts and dressing up) as well as a really nice coffee shop. We spent a whole afternoon there with our five year old DS and he wasn't bored at all.

There's also a huge park and the ruined abbey itself over the other side of the road from the museum and quite a nice kids play area next to the museum car park...although not sure about December!

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