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Old MacDonalds Farm, Brentwood

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mckenzie Wed 22-Sep-04 19:50:52

Has anyone been here please? Is it any good? and do you know how it might compare to Willows Farm in Londodn Colney as they are the 2 options so far for our day out on friday.

thanks all

mckenzie Thu 23-Sep-04 16:41:57

mind if I bump this up?

joanneg Thu 23-Sep-04 16:48:31

haven't been to this one - but have been to 'marsh farm' in south woodham (not sure if this is near you) and really liked it (ds loves it there).

morningmayhem Fri 24-Sep-04 00:06:54

We have been to the Brentwood farm once, but the children much prefer Marsh farm. you can spend the whole day there. lots to do for all ages. they have got a great gift shop and a cafe that sells good coffee If its not too far from you I would give that a go.

Kayleigh Fri 24-Sep-04 00:34:50

mckenzie, we have been to Old Macdonalds and Willows. Willows wins hands down. Much more to do, see and play on. Old Macdonalds is ok for a couple of hours but that is about it. Found it quite cramped and delapidated in comparison to Willows.

mckenzie Fri 24-Sep-04 19:25:32

thanks for all your comments. We did go to old MacDonlads this afternoon in the end and all I can say is thank goodness it only cost £5.25 for the 2 of us to get in.
I think Willows Farm has spoilt us but I will try Marsh Farm though next time we fancy a change, thanks for the recommendation.

Kayleigh Fri 24-Sep-04 19:54:40

did warn you !!

mckenzie Fri 24-Sep-04 20:12:23

unfortunately I didn't see yo rmessage until it was too late. Never mind, we did still have a nice time (the company was good) but I just got a tad upset about the state of some of the animals cages and the amount (or ather lack) of space that some of them had. The donkeys managed to escape though while we were there and that caused a laugh!

mmmmchocolate Sat 22-Sep-07 21:34:03

has improved massively now. and is a good day out. loads more animals and lots of rides for kids!

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