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Robin Hood Festival

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marymoocow Tue 31-Jul-07 11:53:34

Has anyone been to or going to this?

What are the best bits, are their any bits that are not worth it iyswim?


MaryAnnSingleton Tue 31-Jul-07 11:55:24

we've been (a few yrs ago) - ds not interested especially - grandparents live nearby - lots of people in costume cooking,demonstrating crafts etc and I got to write my name with a quill pen !

marymoocow Tue 31-Jul-07 11:57:18

How old was your ds when you took him? (if you don't mind me asking . I have 3 dc, 9, 7 and 4 and was thinking that it might be fun

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 31-Jul-07 12:02:21

um, I think ds was about 6 0r 7 - my sister-in-law loves it -they wanted us to go this time but once you've been you've been iyswim. You can buy the green Robin Hood hats,bows and arrows etc which are fun and I love looking at the Major Oak as it's so old and ricketty plus it's nice walking in the forest.

marymoocow Tue 31-Jul-07 12:06:21

thanks. looks like the weather is going to be ok for the weekend so i think i will have to pretend that i am indeed Maid Marion

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 31-Jul-07 12:15:06

have fun !

marymoocow Tue 31-Jul-07 12:58:06

will do. anyone else been?

wrinklygran Tue 31-Jul-07 16:35:57

you cant miss if you go this week, you only pay for parking, all the entertainment is free, there are storytellers, singers, fire eaters, skirmishes between Robin and co and the Sheriff and his men (requiring lots of cheers and boos), a medieval market with craftsmen demostrating their skills, all in costume, and lots of the kids in too. Allthis in woodland where you can picnic and let the kids let off steam. you cant lose!

marymoocow Wed 01-Aug-07 20:06:15

Thanks for that. Its just what i was hoping to hear really. (Will there be lots of merry men though )

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