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Best places on the web to find ideas for days out

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esc Sun 29-Jul-07 10:46:21

Thought it might be useful to get a thread going to help find ideas for things to do with the kids wherever you are in the UK - especially given the variable weather we've been having. Where do you go to get ideas and info?

Here are my online favourites: - good for whole UK. Very simple search engine. - their book is better. Website's ok. - good for Sussex

What sites to you use?

sammac Sun 29-Jul-07 10:51:46 gives ideas as well as some vouchers for discounts- although I think there is a small charge to join to us this. Saved me about £40 when we went to Chester Zoo.

sammac Sun 29-Jul-07 10:52:35

[[ ]] sorry!

sammac Sun 29-Jul-07 10:53:18

bigvalerie Sun 29-Jul-07 21:23:20 free and recommendation all reviewed.

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