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anyone been to the indoor beach at the 02 (dome) london??

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curlysmum Wed 25-Jul-07 13:26:27

just wondering might take a trip one of these lovely days.

FioFio Wed 25-Jul-07 17:30:28

Message withdrawn

Wags Thu 26-Jul-07 16:37:06

A friend went and enjoyed it but didn't get a chance to ask more as the kids started doing something vile so got sidetracked. Also thinking of going - anyone else been yet?

kid Sun 29-Jul-07 19:14:14

Is there something else going on in the dome too or is it just the indoor beach?

quint Sun 05-Aug-07 09:23:11

Oops missed thi smessage before I put on my own question!

I'm thinking of going this afternoon (weirdly to get some respite from the heat today!) was also wondering if anyone else has been

blueshoes Sun 05-Aug-07 10:13:34

Yes, my dh has been there with dcs. He says it is great - bring your buckets and spades. Also, there are lots of child-friendly shops and restaurants nearby. I suppose if you are going with your partner, one could watch them at the beach and the other have a stroll. My dh was able to read a book by the side whilst watching dcs (4 and 1) by himself.

platinumjj Mon 06-Aug-07 00:40:13

Is the Dome open?

nappyaddict Mon 06-Aug-07 02:28:56

how much is it?

blueshoes Mon 06-Aug-07 10:09:19

Platinum, the Dome has now been converted into an entertainment complex, and re-branded as The O2.

Inside has a huge concert venue which just opened, like Wembley Arena. Recent acts include Prince and Bon Jovi and we are taking dd to see Disney on Ice - The Incredibles in Oct. The indoor beach is within this complex as are restaurants like Pizza Express, Zizzi, sushi.

There is a cold drinks stand on either side of this circular beach with deck chairs at the periphery where you can sit and watch your children play.

nappy, it is free to enter the complext and use the indoor beach. But parking can be expensive. Better to come by tube.

collision Mon 06-Aug-07 21:47:27

Which tube would be the best one to get?

collision Mon 06-Aug-07 21:51:18

OK I have found the website and know which tube to get but where does it say anything about the beach?

quint Mon 06-Aug-07 22:02:19

if you look in the special events section on the O2 website you should come across it - am hoping to go tomorrow will let you know what its like

FrannyandZooey Mon 06-Aug-07 22:03:36

I have just been looking at this myself (trip to London this weekend)

all please report back on good and bad - might keep it as a back up for poor weather

collision Mon 06-Aug-07 22:04:26

found it and it looks good but I wonder if it gets v busy and would be pure hell!

blueshoes Mon 06-Aug-07 22:25:16

Collision, the tube is North Greenwich, Jubilee Line.

The Beach. Pity there is no picture. It's a nice day out.

collision Tue 07-Aug-07 09:24:47

but does it get busy and hellish?

blueshoes Tue 07-Aug-07 09:45:48

Dunno. Dh only went once on early Sun morning. And it was quiet. When he left, it was beginning to fill up.

nappyaddict Tue 07-Aug-07 21:07:01

is there water there or just sand?

bookwormtailmum Tue 07-Aug-07 21:25:53

Just sand . I saw it the other week when I saw scissor sisters - sadly the beach was closed then!!

quint Tue 07-Aug-07 21:57:16

I went today, it was only sand with deck chairs available all round the outside.

It was fun, however there were a lot of big kids there throwing sand around and the people in charge didn't do anything about it so it took me and a friend to tell them off (couldn't see any parent or career). It did get busy, but they did stop people going in when it got to a certain point.

Take your own bucket and spade and other sand toys, though you do get given a free small beach ball!

There's a cinema, loads of eating places (pizza express, nandos kind of thing rather than McD's, KFC) and there is an offer for kids to eat free at one of the cafes (proper info on the website) but it only applies if you get there by the boat service and it nice to go and see it again.

I wouldn;t say you have to go, but at the same time I wouldn't say don't go either - sorry probably not much help really!

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