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Is anybody going to the Glastonbury Children's Festival?

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TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 17:52:30

Looks good

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 21:44:47


Spidermama Sun 22-Jul-07 21:45:47

I hadn't hear about it TT. What sort of thing is there? I'm still considering the BGG but it might well be wet and miserable.

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 23:00:26

It's on for a few days but you can't stay there - just go for the day or stay nearby. Non-stop fun for children - puppets, crafts, theatre, games, stuff...

I am considering the Ragged Hedge Fair too, do you know of it?

oops Sun 22-Jul-07 23:02:14

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 23:04:02

Is that big and scary? It's probably out of my price range anyway. And I have 4 dcs...

Butterbeertroot Sun 22-Jul-07 23:04:41

I have been and it is great espeically for younger kids

oops Sun 22-Jul-07 23:06:05

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 23:25:36

Hmm, too big and expensive for us. Quite local though...

oops Sun 22-Jul-07 23:27:21

Message withdrawn

essbeehindyou Sun 22-Jul-07 23:27:22

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Sun 22-Jul-07 23:33:42

Glastonbury or Womad?

Butterbeertroot Mon 23-Jul-07 03:16:19

The glastonbury one really is a local one. It ie fun with lots to do but not a festival to travel miles for

UniSarah Mon 23-Jul-07 13:42:20

Glasto kids festival is fun. its not a big adult festival with a kids bit tacked on. Its in a park in the town and is a fun day out for kids with bouncy castle, childrens craft activities, entertainers, music,dressing up etc. remind me when it is.
The same team do teh Bristol childrens festival as well.

UniSarah Mon 23-Jul-07 13:47:26

just found out when it is! I should have looked it up 1st.
The entry cost stucture is intersting, basicly the age range its aimed most strongy at cost most, then other ages cost less. kids with SN get a grown up free.

cameroonmama Mon 23-Jul-07 14:02:51

wow that looks great, we are just around the corner from Glasto so will be giving it a try, thanks for the info

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