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Things to do with a 14 month old in or near Hereford?

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MuffinMclay Sat 30-Jun-07 14:54:31

I know Hereford very well, but haven't been there since having ds. Are there any good farms with animals you can poke, swimming pools, that kind of thing?

tiredemma Sat 30-Jun-07 14:56:14

We take the boys up to Tillington to the farm shop up there, there are a few animals around and we pick our own fruit.
The farmer takes you round on a tractor pulled thing, its nice.

There is a swimming pool by the park- which also has swings etc.

Fauve Sat 30-Jun-07 15:04:14

There's a v nice butterfly farm at Ross on Wye.

MuffinMclay Tue 03-Jul-07 09:57:46

Any more? We're going on Thursday for a long weekend.

MuffinMclay Wed 04-Jul-07 19:34:28


Our plans for Saturday have fallen through so we've got an extra day to fill.

esc Wed 04-Jul-07 21:15:37

If you're struggling for more ideas, check out Type in Hereford and see what comes up. When you've found an attraction you like, check out the "Near By" tab to see what else is ermmmm near by...

Good luck...and fingers crossed for a bit of decent weather

stealthsquiggle Wed 04-Jul-07 21:19:09

This Saturday? Bromyard Gala?

(about 25 mins from Hereford)

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