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Hatton Country World

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joanneg Mon 30-Aug-04 19:11:41

Just had to say what a great place this was. It is in Warwick. There is a shopping village which was great. Loads of quaint little shops and things like old fashioned fudge (yummy!) and it was all really cheap.

Then you walk through to Hatton Farm village which was about 7 pounds each (under 2's free) - but well worth it. They had a bouncy castle, birds of prey, lots of different animals, trampolines and loads of interesting lttle diplays. My ds is two and loved the smaller animal like rabbits and sheep. But I think if your children are older they would like the pony rides and panning for pretend gold.

They had a sheep race, and a duck display that was great. They also have a soft play area which you pay a couple of pounds for but ds was too tired! a maze and tractor rides. There was a BBQ and a resturant.

Can really recommend this place, great day out and ample parking.

DaddyCool Mon 18-Apr-05 16:17:58

super mega turbo bump from August.

YES! I have a seasons pass to Hatton country world and i'm there most saturday mornings. it's just so good. DS loves it. Anyone else out there who goes here?

jampots Mon 18-Apr-05 16:35:10

Yes me! I live about 15 mins away from there. Excellent now!

LunarSea Tue 19-Apr-05 09:51:04

Me too. Another season pass holder/Saturday morning person, so I've probably seen you in passing DC!

emmatom Tue 19-Apr-05 09:58:20

Yes lovely place, but have only been twice and both times the weather was good.

I should imagine it's not so good in bad weather?

LunarSea Tue 19-Apr-05 10:26:29

Well we go even when it's raining, as our season pass covers the indoor soft play area too. Quite a few of the animals are in a barn type area so under cover, and there's also an area with indoor sand pits, giant lego etc. Not as much scope as when the weather is good, but better than keeping a lively 3 year old cooped up in the house.

DaddyCool Tue 19-Apr-05 10:43:13

yes, DS is very active and we get a bit sick of the park so I've started taking him there on saturday mornings. it's about a half hour drive for me. you can usually see us hanging around the area with the pedal tractors or inside where the little ones area is with the wooden houses, sand pit and little push tractors.

have a look at our profile in 'members profile' and if you see us say hello!

I always laugh when i see all those guinea pigs. there's bloody hundreds of them crawling all over those minging little houses and bridges. DS tries to crawl in.

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