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Dr Who in Manchester any good?

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dmo Mon 04-Jun-07 20:11:31

just want to know if its any good really thinking of taking my boys
its on till october so was going to go in July when schools finish

MrsWho Mon 04-Jun-07 21:18:03

I have been, its great but make sure you book tickets before you go!

dmo Tue 05-Jun-07 13:56:47

cool will do
why was it hard to get in?

Iklboo Tue 05-Jun-07 14:07:44

It is absolutely RAMMED to the rafters. Extremely popular. The rest of the museum is a great attraction too so you get a lot of day our for your money.
The car park is quite small too.
(NOt been to the exhibition yet but I live near the museum)

dmo Tue 05-Jun-07 19:22:01

oh god (for the carpark)
i'm a childminder and drive a 16 seater minibus and have intended to take the 10 boys i look after

dmo Mon 13-Aug-07 12:09:08

well i decided to go by train (much better) but was not over inpressed with the Dr Who part took us 25mins to get around
the rest of the museum was brill loads to do the boys loved the rubbish talk and the trains

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