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anyone one after Tesco vouchers for Longleat?

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bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 14:30:43

Follwing on from wordgilrs thread, is anyone plannig a trip to Longleat? If so, I have lots of Tesco vouchers for a free child entry with paying adult. I'm happy to post them on to anyone that is going.

annh Thu 05-Aug-04 15:02:31

Ooh yes, me please! Shall I email you via contact another talker with my details? Thanks in advance.

bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 20:17:34

annh, try my special mumsnet address! It is

I'll post them as soon as I get your address.

Galaxy Thu 05-Aug-04 20:49:35

message withdrawn

mrsflowerpot Thu 05-Aug-04 20:56:29

how many do you have? if you've any left, I'll be your best friend forever

bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 21:17:31

Galaxy, did you try the email below?

I have at least 4 or 5 of them, I'll check. Let me know how many you each want.

bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 21:21:21

I have 4.

Galaxy Thu 05-Aug-04 21:21:48

message withdrawn

bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 21:24:20

I'll have to check that email - I havent had any messages at all so it looks like it is defunct. You could try Contact another talker.

Galaxy Thu 05-Aug-04 21:27:03

message withdrawn

bunny2 Thu 05-Aug-04 21:32:03

crap, it's

pregnancy brain! pls all try again

123emski Wed 05-Aug-09 14:57:58

Yes please if you have any left??? I need 2 if possible, been trying to go for ages but it's soooo expensive been searching for any discounts available

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