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Parking near Madame Tussauds

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cuckoo9 Mon 04-Dec-17 10:54:29

Decided to take DS (7) to Madame Tussauds for a birthday treat. Going to go early on a Sunday in the hope to get there before the crowds! Any recommendations on where to park relatively closely please? We're driving rather than taking the train as grandparents coming too and will be cheaper than all getting train in. Happy to pay for parking as long as it doesn't cost a small fortune.

Austentatious Mon 04-Dec-17 10:58:05

you can park for free on the street in Little Venice on a Sunday and then take the tube two stops from Warwick Avenue and pop up next to Madam Tussauds. YOu'll also avoid the vast majority of the traffic - it could take you half an hour to drive from Warwick Ave tube to MT's close to Christmas, vs 5 mins on the tube.

cuckoo9 Mon 04-Dec-17 12:59:58

Thanks Austentatious. Is it easy to get a parking space around Warwick Avenue on a Sunday? We've parked at Ruislip before and tubed in but it's still quite a way out so takes a while.

Austentatious Mon 04-Dec-17 15:27:49

very; you'll come off the Westway at Paddington and go around the roundabout towards St John's Wood. You go over the Regent's Canal right there and there's a stretch of Warwick Ave with parking down the middle of it, Warwick Ave tube at the end.

cuckoo9 Tue 05-Dec-17 10:54:08

Thank you, that is a fantastic help.

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