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Suggestions for day trips around Cheltenham

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Applesforjam Fri 18-Aug-17 22:06:24

We are staying in Cheltenham over the bank holiday weekend with our 2 and 4 year old. We would like to use it as a base to explore the surrounding region. Please can anyone suggest where they would visit in the Cotswolds if they only had a day and what other day trips around Cheltenham would be fun for a 2 and 4 year old? Many thanks.

CMOTDibbler Fri 18-Aug-17 22:19:53

The children would enjoy the Cotswold farm park, Cotswold wildlife park, or Birdland. If they like trains, then the steam train from Cheltenham is good.
If you want to do some Cotswoldy sightseeing, drive up Cleeve Hill, go over to Winchcombe, then to Snowshill, Broadway - stop there for lunch and for the children to play in the park. Then drive over to Moreton in the Marsh via my favourite village, Bourton on the Hill

ApplesinmyPocket Fri 18-Aug-17 22:22:35

Hello! When my little ones were that age we used to visit the Cotswold Farm Park a lot - about half an hour north of Cheltenham. There's lots for small children to do especially if they like animals - lots of things to play on, sandpits, swings, play stuff, mini tractors and so on.

Petting chicks and baby rabbits, feeding goats... and the amazing Sheep Show.

We still have season tickets as we like it there despite mine being long grown up!

If they like trains, there's a heritage steam railway at Toddington GWSR which could be done on the way to or back from the farm park. You can just go and look at the steam trains and use the cafe/buy icecream without an entrance fee (unless a special event is on) but if you want to ride the trains it costs more obvs.

Hope you have a nice time.

ApplesinmyPocket Fri 18-Aug-17 22:23:26

Lol CMOTDibbler I'm sorry, I didn't see your reply before I posted mine! flowers

EvilTwins Fri 18-Aug-17 22:25:40

Westonbirt Arboretum is lovely for some outdoor time. Pittville Park in Cheltenham has a great play area and lovely open spaces.

Applesforjam Mon 21-Aug-17 23:59:17

Thank you so much for all your great ideas! I will definitely look them up.
CMOT - thank you for the Cotswolds itinerary! I don't know the Cotswolds at all so this is perfect.

2014newme Thu 24-Aug-17 08:29:23

Cotswolds water park
Bourton on the water
Playground at Broadway

topcat2014 Thu 24-Aug-17 08:33:55

Another vote for Toddington railway - check timetables.

Pitville park has recently had a whole new lot of play equipment.

Cineworld is the cinema in town.

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