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wizzy world farnborough

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charmkin Tue 27-Mar-07 18:21:01

don't ever go here.
Is hell on earth. Money grabbing, packed, dangerous, expensive, no parking, rude staff

Looks lovely and is nice playframe but SO badly managed and really gone down hill since first opening.

We came especially to go there as well. What a wasted journey...

WotzsanEgg Tue 27-Mar-07 18:24:35

Is this a play place in Farnboough Hants?

charmkin Tue 27-Mar-07 19:14:35


charmkin Tue 27-Mar-07 20:27:09


WizzyWorldFboro Wed 22-May-13 12:54:31

We are now under new ownership, and we hope that you will find we are a much better place for your children to play now.
Please come along and see the differences we have made.

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