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Short break in Sheffield. What do you recommend?

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ShowOfHands Sat 11-Mar-17 13:52:34

DH and I went to university in Sheffield 01-04 and haven't been back since. He's currently on deployment with MOD and has been since the beginning of December. He's due back for a few days in April and we're planning on surprising the children with a short break in Sheffield. Partly for nostalgia's sake and partly because we like the Peak District.

I really want to go and see some of the old places we used to spend time in. We lived on Ecclesall Rd in our 2nd and 3rd years and spent a lot of time in Endcliffe Park. Is the cafe still there (that was our go to Sunday morning breakfast after a Saturday night in the Casbah)? What about Ranmoor Bakery? I still remember it as the best bread ever. We're quite outdoorsy so will spend a day or two in the Peaks and I'd like to go to the Winter Gardens, the Peace Gardens and Botanical Gardens too. Maybe Ponds Forge for a swim as DH worked there and I swam there 3 times a week.

What else do you recommend? DD is 9 and DS is 5. Is Weston Park Museum worth a visit? We all like history, the arts, the outdoors and nature.

We're also going to go on a tram as the DC have never even seen one.

Best climbing place too? Used to be The Edge iirc.

And pottery painting? The DC love it but there are loads of places locally. Which is best?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

I'm looking forward to seeing how things have changed. The day we moved to Sheffield, they were pulling down the egg box buildings, if anybody remembers them? The landscape changed inordinately in just 3 years of university. I assume it's almost unrecognisable now.

Is the TK Maxx in Orchard Square still there? I used to work there. There was a cafe too, not far from work. You had to go immediately downstairs on going in. It was named after a woman iirc. I used to have poached egg on toast and a mug of strong Yorkshire tea for lunch. Anybody know where the heck I'm talking about?

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