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Anyone live in bournemouth???

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Brightonbella Thu 02-Mar-17 21:54:13

hi there, I visited the oceanarium with my 5 year old and had a horrendous experience while I was paying for my ticket as I looked up to find my boy had climbed up a few stairs and over the bannister and was leaning over the huge aquarium trying to get a closer look at something floating on the top!! thank god I saw him, rushed over and pulled him back. I absolutely hate to think what might have happened had I not looked up in time. as you can imagine, I really felt like Mum of the Year after that and was very shaken and upset.
I mentioned it to a friend who expressed surprise that there wasn't a safety grill on the top of the tank or anything else to stop kids climbing over which seemed like a very reasonable point. so I emailed them to let them know what happened and to ask that a safety grill or similar be put in place as a matter of urgency. however, the director has been incredibly rude and unhelpful and is refusing to do anything about it! im so shocked as im not asking for money or anything, just a safety measure to be put in place to stop a kid from drowning.
he said that there is a fence there between the stairs and the tank. I cant remember seeing one and if there is, its not exactly doing its job if a 113cm 5 year old can climb over it! however, he's insisting it is.
as I live in brighton and dont have a car, I cant pop over to see this fence, so I would be HUGELY grateful if anyone living in Bournemouth could pop into the oceanarium and take a photo of the tank at the end of the entranceway and the staircase beside it. you wouldn't need to pay to just go into the entrance and I just need one quick pic.
if anyone could do this for me I would be so so grateful. it seems to me that cost-cutting measures are putting kids at risk, and needless to say that none of us wants to wait until a child drowns before they decide to do something.
I really hope someone can help xx

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