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Art pass or Tate membership

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Breadwidow Fri 24-Feb-17 16:37:19

I am going to buy one of the above with a nice little windfall but really not sure which one to go for . . . both cost approx the same for a member plus guest deal (no need to get kids to join yet as they are quite young so mainly free to art things). Tate membership includes free entry into all the exhibitions plus use of members room. We live in central London (can walk to tate modern, bus ride to tate britain, I also work near Tate Britain) and I already want to go to a few things this year. Art pass gives you free entry into lots of attractions round the country that are usually paid for, like lots of national trust places, plus 50% off exhibitions in most major museums and galleries, e.g. Tate plus National Gallery, British Museum and V&A (only key one not included is the Royal Academy where the stingey gits only give you £1 of exhibition costs). I like the flexibility of the art pass but members room is a bonus for the tate . . . . ah a nice first world decision to make, help me choose mumsnet!

Breadwidow Fri 24-Feb-17 16:38:11

should add art pass also does another type of membership - 2 adults at same address so DH could use it without me (as well as individual plus guest)

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