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trip for 9 yo and 6 yo north/west/south yorks

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Loshad Sat 17-Feb-07 22:19:37

Having the older 2 off skiing with school, and Dh away, i'd like to take the younger two off somewhere this week. We've done (lots of times) Magna, Eureka, NRM, armouries, yorvik, dig, yorkshire sculpture park and so on.
would love any suggestions for somehwere else to take them - Dh has taken the 9yo once to themining museum in wakefield, is that worth a trip?, or will i fall back on yet another trip to xscape

janeite Sun 18-Feb-07 16:37:45

The castle museum is lovely.

bewilderbeast Sun 18-Feb-07 16:57:01

Eden Camp or is that a bit far north? I can get there in about an hour from leeds

Loshad Sun 18-Feb-07 18:30:16

thanks - can probably squeeze both in this week - haven't been to the castle museum since i was about 10!

YummyMummy34 Thu 22-Feb-07 20:40:45

Might be a bit late for the school holiday but we went to the National Coal Mining Museum, Wakefield today and had a great day. The trip down the mine is fantastic and there is plenty to see and do outside - and the best thing about it is it's free! All you pay for is a little train ride at 50p a person - hardly breaks the bank!

MEMsmum Thu 22-Feb-07 23:05:21

Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire is great for kids that age! Mine love it!

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