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tesco vouchers - up for grabs

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helenmc Thu 15-Feb-07 19:12:30

Hello, Ihave £25 worth of tesco clubcard vouchers that have to be used by end of Feb 2008 . any-one interested ?

PeckaRolloverAgain Thu 15-Feb-07 19:14:11


tubismybub Thu 15-Feb-07 19:15:06

bugger you beat me to it

helenmc Thu 15-Feb-07 22:35:27

being nice , caring, sharing, mumsnetters how about sharing them, I've 2 lots of £10 and a £5 so how about £15 to pecharolloveragain for being first to the post and £10 to tubismybub...
if you send me an email with your address, I'll pop them int he post never know you might get them saturday !

lisalisa Thu 15-Feb-07 22:38:42

Message withdrawn

helenmc Thu 15-Feb-07 22:42:41

they are specifically for days out code (S2001)eg sealife/legoland/longleat etc. I swapped my usual money off vouchers lst summer, and forgot to take them with us on holiday, and we won't have time to use them as we're away this weekend and next.

pinkbubble Thu 15-Feb-07 22:43:06

Sorry have just seen this, ok I know you only have til the end of Feb for these- two option here go to Tesco and buy something ie clothes, DVD, Treats ETC or next time save them- honestly its worth it we(a family of 5) have a villa in Portugal thanks to us saving our points!

Katymac Thu 15-Feb-07 22:44:29

You can't use days out vouchers for stuff at tescos

BTW you put 2008 in the op....did you mean 07??

DelGirl Thu 15-Feb-07 22:45:13

helenmc, you probably meant to type Feb 2007 but you've put 2008. Just thought maybe you had the date wrong and you have another year to use them?

helenmc Thu 15-Feb-07 22:47:04

very wishful thinking 2008 !!!!! yep I really meant 2007
are you sure you can still use them at tesco's ? I had to send off my money-back ones to get these

helenmc Thu 15-Feb-07 22:50:23

I've got them off the pinboard - and they are Clubcard Deals token, and no they can't be used in Tesco stores, and they are defintiely end 28/2/07

PeckaRolloverAgain Fri 16-Feb-07 08:41:49

my email is rebeccahills @

Could you email me and we can sort out postage and payment for postage?


helenmc Fri 16-Feb-07 19:51:44

tubismybub - are you still interested ???

mysonsmummy Sun 18-Feb-07 00:36:26

is shes not can i have them desperate to take ds to longleat thanks

TesterAriadne Sun 18-Feb-07 15:23:14

If you ring Tesco helpline they will probably change them for you. We had tickets for Longleat and DH broke his leg so we couldn't go. I rang Longleat and they exchanged them for vouchers to use later in the year.

TesterAriadne Sun 18-Feb-07 15:24:12

Oops sorry i forget I still had my weird phone tester name on.

helenmc Sun 18-Feb-07 20:11:55

mysonsmummy- send me an email with your address -

mysonsmummy Fri 23-Feb-07 10:36:21

helen - thank you so much so sending them so quickly. they will be used this weekend. do i just take them to the place we are going and hand them in. obviously the places that are on tesco website.

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