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Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

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LaserShark Sun 20-Nov-16 14:09:50

Can anyone tell me if this is any good? Planning a birthday day out for Lego obsessed 6yo - we've been to Windsor a couple of times which he adored and I just don't know if the Discovery Centre might be a let down in comparison? It seems to have mixed reviews! Was thinking of buying the combo ticket with Sea Life Centre and doing the morning at Lego Discovery and then going to the Sea Life Centre after lunch - is that too much? Is it better to spend a full day at each? Will it just be a nightmare on a December weekend and really busy? We struggle to find days out for his birthday as he's a Christmas baby so theme parks close down over winter and outdoor things are ruled out a lot of the time!

lovelyupnorth Sun 20-Nov-16 15:25:51

It's not a comparison to LEGOLAND it's a great couple of hours indoor play area with a ride and lego. Not a full day out.

Sirzy Sun 20-Nov-16 15:29:20

Its nothing like legolland Windsor

We enjoy it but it's only a couple of hours at best - I would look for offers rather than paying full price

klassy Sun 20-Nov-16 15:29:54

Legoland are doing a special Christmas themed open winter week this year - looks lovely!

HandbagCrab Sun 20-Nov-16 15:35:28

It's heaving at the weekends. If I was going to do it I'd get to legoland for 10am when it opens. You can spend about 2hrs there. There's a santa's grotto next to it so you could book to go there as well. Sealife might have a big queue in the afternoon but it goes down quicker and you won't spend your time queuing inside.

It's nothing like legoland unfortunately but it's fun if you're not queuing for ages for the three rides. Hope your ds has a great birthday smile

HandbagCrab Sun 20-Nov-16 15:38:03

Alton towers and Drayton manor do Xmas stuff if you're local to the Trafford centre, though your 6yo might be a bit too old for CBeebies land and Thomas land. Drayton manor Xmas was amazing when our ds loved Thomas smile

LaserShark Sun 20-Nov-16 16:00:21

Thanks all, great advice! We might have just missed the boat on Drayton Manor but am going to look it up and see - he still likes some CBeebies stuff but not really Thomas. I think the only downside is if it's really busy with big queues so will definitely plan to arrive early!

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