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Yorkshire Dales

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CathyCy Mon 05-Sep-16 22:35:27

Any ideas for days out in the Yorkshire Dales near Grassington with a 3 year old and a baby please?x

FetchezLaVache Mon 05-Sep-16 22:37:40

If it's a nice day, I reckon you can do no better than Burnsall and Appletreewick - there is a lovely, short, child-friendly riverside walk between the two that offers plenty of paddling opportunities! Couple of nice pubs in Appletreewick for lunch, cafés and a nice pub (where I once saw Patrick Stewart in hiking gear, but I can't guarantee that for you wink) in Burnsall.

MinnowAndTheBear Mon 05-Sep-16 22:47:46

Billy Bob's Ice Cream Palour is quite good! An American diner with plenty of space for kids outside and a soft play.

heron98 Wed 07-Sep-16 13:59:20

Billy Bob's can be absolutely heaving on a nice day, it's unbearable. Bolton Abbey is nice, has some stepping stones to play on and a cafe

Sallycinnamon1974 Fri 30-Sep-16 22:07:13

The cheese factory at Hawes is our favourite thing to do whilst in the dalesand all ages enjoy it. There is a little museum where you can find out about how to make cheese and the best but is the cheese tasting area. We always leave with huge quantities of cheese.

Florene Fri 30-Sep-16 22:09:51

Bolton Abbey with Embsay steam train, Brimham Rocks, Aysgarth Falls, Kettlewell, Malham Cove, Hawes, Pickering.

Possibly in that order.

yetanotherdeskmove Fri 30-Sep-16 22:11:13

Hesketh farm park near Bolton abbey is good too.

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